The Initiative By This Student of NED University Is A Footprint That Needs To Be Followed

People taking their children to eat the best food in town. Parents take children to the best parks and play areas for amusement. As fun as all of this sounds, most of the times, our parents never focus on enhancing our knowledge addition to what a school teaches us.

“Parents never take children to the library or bookshop”, said Riaz Gul, the owner of Shaheen Bookstore Peshawar, which was closed 3 months ago due to lack of interest of the citizens.

For the people like me – book lovers, it was very disappointing that our generation shows no interest in books and in reading. However, the entire tree doesn’t fall when a few leaves fall off the tree.

The opening of Book Cafe at NED University has made a lot of book readers feel alive again. Founded by NED’s student Muhammad Irtiza Sajjad, the book lovers of NED and all around Pakistan are now able to read and buy their favorite books

What Is The Book Cafe?



Book Cafe is an online bookstore that provides you with original books. From English novels to Urdu poetry books, and from the course books of engineering, Medical, Business, Law to books related to fiction reading, everything is available on this website. They also provide stationary items, customized notebooks, mug printing, pana-flex printing and logo designing option.

How To Get Stuff From Book Cafe?



You can buy anything from Book Café with cash on delivery service available nationwide. They have an e-commerce website and it’s in process of developing through which customers can directly buy any book or stationary item. The website also creates a bridge between undergraduate students and seniors for exchanging the lectures or notes of NED university.

What’s New As Compared To Other Libraries?



Book Cafe has an initiative to make book reading more interesting and easier for the ones who read. At NED University, they were provided with an office which they used to open a library first time in any university as per students demands.

In the Book Cafe, you can read a book by lending it in Rs. 10 only! They have coffee as well for coffee lovers who love reading alongside sipping their favorite drink.

What Are Their Future Plans?



Book Cafe wants to make a public space where people can read, learn, do homework in a quiet, chilled environment without any cost. They aim to open different branches: one for reading and another as a for tuition center where workshops and certified courses which will be offered. According to Irtiza, they have contacted with Del Frio to set up a small library on their different outlets.

No doubts the youngsters are busy in Facebooking and Twitting all the time. An important component of life is reading and a lot of people are missing out on this. Perhaps maybe the Book Cafe can allow people to make reading a habit.


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