The Influence Of Culture On Decision-Making And How It Controls Us!

cultural influences on family life

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Can we control the culture? Can we bring change to the culture? The main reason behind this is to highlight the importance of the phenomenon create awareness and implement it.

Culture Starts

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There is a monotonous way of dealing with the major incidents, casual events. We hardly like to change when all is good. But when you know that something important would be at stake, we take a different stance. Culture, on the other hand, is constantly pulling us more like a force to orbit around. Say it animals or mankind there is always a culture that is followed and it passes on.

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Positive Aspects Of Culture

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The positive aspect in a whole is, culture always tell you what to do which continuously help us a great deal and doubtlessly it passes on many values that are ethically significant, important for relationships. All in all, it gives the code of conduct or in a bigger picture, the way of living in society. It’s more a process that penetrates from birth to be an elder, you continuously take a culture with and pass on the same and sometimes different.

In result, the thoughts, behaviors, expectations, conformity and many other psychological elements work accordingly that we, in our daily routine, do not think of changing or sometimes are not even able to identify. Since the beginning, human beings have come across different life changes and adaptations. Because a human being is adaptable. Every time human beings have transited to a new era, or a revolution, we observe that it brings a lot of changes to the countries, cities, societies, and groups and ultimately individuals.

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Society is made up of individuals and every individual is a contribution to society in some of the other way. When the culture penetrates in an individual, the positives and negatives come up with the passage of time. We are many times aware of what could be the cause. It has become dangerous because we receive culture from different sources.

Say it our home, workplace, social circles, technology, and digital world and every aspect that we are exposed to makes us absorb that norm or tell us the rights and wrongs of doing. After the basic way of living and basic ethical boundaries, there may be countless ways in which people live and carry traditions.

The point here is that when you decide something, it might seem right to you but it might seem wrong to the other person or may count as an inappropriate act. It’s a never-ending discussion of what is right and what is wrong. Till it gives rise to a very familiar term, social pressure.

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