We Bet You Missed these Thrilling Moments from the Independence Cup

For the past few days, Lahore has been magical. And why should it not be? It was hosting something that Pakistanis were so desperate for. Something that this nation waited for so long, the return of international cricket in Pakistan. World XI visiting Lahore for a 3 T20 match series was a treat for cricket lovers in Pakistan. It seemed like a dream for Pakistanis, seeing top class players performing in their country. There were some amazing moments in the Independence cup and the end of this series marked a new beginning.

First match

It all started with the World XI team sitting in their decorated rickshaws and taking a round of the stadium. The crowd went crazy welcoming these heroes in their country!

And Sammy won hearts.


The whole nation was ready to welcome all these international cricket stars and watch them play. Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore, was packed with cricket lovers waiting for their team to play against the likes of Amla, Faf, Miller, Elliot, Bailey and many more.

Pakistan won the first game comprehensively.

source: twitter

Second match

The second match was a thriller that went till the last over. Amla and Perera’s heroics lead the World XI to their victory. And it was the kind of cricket that this nation deserved.

What a shot that was!

Match three

And after the defeat, Pakistan came back strongly and won the third game. And the best part about it was Ahmad Shahzad’s 89 which seemed like he had taken Shoaib Malik’s tweet to his heart.

And Sammy once again was a star.

Afridi and Misbah’s farewell

But one of the most amazing things about this series was that this nation got to see their heroes for one last time. Misbah and Afridi did their lap of honor in the traditional rickshaw and the crowd went crazy.

The scenes were unreal, thousands of people shouting Afridi’s name. This guy’s stardom is unmatched.

And King Misbah was there too.

Fawad Rana the legend

And this man is a star. He is just too precious.

Punjab police’s kindness

Appreciation where due. The Punjab police ensured a safe and secured event despite all the security threats. They did their job so well that Sammy said that he has never felt safer.

This series was something that this country deserved and we showed how much we loved cricket. Gaddafi stadium packed and buzzing, the country got what it wished for. We hope that this series opens ways for more international matches in future.


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