The ICC Champions Trophy Final Taught Me 17 Important Lessons

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Now that we’re done with the celebrations (and since we, as a nation, have become habitual of staying up till Sehri), I felt like sharing a few things to learn from today’s match that we might consider adopting as individuals and as a nation:

1. Humility:

India Pakistan

Source: India TV

The humble attitude of Team Pakistan upon victory, the way they prostrated before Allah and the way they greeted Team India, and the way they humbly thanked the crowd cheering for them.

2. Gratitude:

Team Pakistan

Source: India TV

Shadaab repeatedly saying #Alhamdulilah upon taking wickets (instead of abusing) and being grateful to the supporters, mentioning them again and again.

3. Sportsmanship:

Team India

Source: Oneindia

Virat Kohli’s interview during the Presentation Ceremony, where he praised his opponents, showing his great sportsman spirit. Also, he took the blame for his loss (instead of thrusting it on surrounding factors), which is also a sign of great sportsmanship.

4. Faith (in the purpose and in the team):

Source: ESPN Cricinfo

Mickey Arthur’s faith in Team Pakistan when he took charge of their coaching (when everyone else had lost it) and Sarfraz’s faith in the 18-year-old Shadaab when he challenged the umpire’s decision and appealed for a review. Also, it could be seen in Sarfraz’s decision for the batting order, letting the young blood play first.

5. Persistence:

Source: PakistanTribe

Keeping the game up till the last wicket(or ball)

6. Partnership:

Source: Dunya News

Azhar-Fakhar and Pandya-Jadeja.. need I say more?

7. Positivity:


Despite a small crowd cheering for Pakistan, Team Pakistan got motivated through those vibes, staying positive.

8. Competition with self:

Source: Newsklic

Team Pakistan defeated their past self and the impression the entire nation had of them… they worked on their improvement.

9. Giving your best:

Source: Hindustan Times

Victory should be the purpose of competition, but “Baki apni phuphi k waleemay pe toh ni atay na”. It is not necessary that you’ll be victorious after a great performance, but it DOES matter how you perform. So when competing, all the players of Team Pakistan had one thing common in their mind “To PLAY well”.

10. Learning from mistakes and moving on:

Source: Hindustan Times

Virat Kohli said that he still had a smile on his face because he wanted the team to LEARN FROM the mistakes and “move one” for future goals (read matches).

11. Giving credit:

Source: The Indian Express

No matter how much people may make fun of this, but our captains have always started with “All credit goes to the boys” which is a sign of maturity and encouragement. Also, the players like Imad and Hafeez gave credits to the Captain. This is a sign of great #teamwork.

12. Not giving up:

Source: The Indian Express

Team Pakistan, despite all the criticism, rose as one of the best teams in the world with their hard work and determination. They had faced a big loss against India in the same tournament but did not give up this time.

13. Challenging the challenges:

Source: The Indian Express


14. Accepting mistakes:

Source: The Indian Express

Rishi Kapoor.. lol ok I know you all want to troll him.. BUT.. he deserves respect for accepting defeat, appreciating the “dushman mulk ki team” and taking his words back

15. Never underestimate the opponent:

Source: Deccan Chronicle

Okay, India? Okay Pakistan. (and vice versa)

16. And lastly for both India and Pakistan…


Trolling and joking on one side, insulting/humiliating/abusing the opponents with arrogance on the other. One must be careful with how one takes defeat or victory because that depicts our mentality, our brought-up, and our national traits as well.

The way Team Pakistan exhibited discipline and decency, in both victory and loss, that teaches us as to how we should react in such situations…

“Nec Elata, Nec Dejecta” 

Congratulations Team Pakistan, you’re the best and you rock!!

Better luck next time, Team India, you rock too!!

Looking forward to more Indo-Pak matches.

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