The Horrific Aftermath of Black Friday In Pakistan!

1. Sapphire is just the trailer

The whole film is yet to be seen… Yes, Black Friday sales are welcomed with the same spirit everywhere in world.


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2. Poor people don’t look that bad now

People who used to fight for atay ki bori don’t look too odd now .


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3. People who fight for food

people who fight over perfect boti on wedding ceremonies don’t look that odious now .


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4. Be prepared next time

Remember , every man , woman and child stands for himself at black Friday.


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5. Staying fit is a necessity now

Now people will recognize the benefits of staying healthy and fit .


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6. Thanksgiving

If Black Friday is here , this means thanksgiving will come to us as well, which is a very good excuse to eat all day .


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7. Sales

Sales are not just sales anymore, it’s a war zone , it’s a holiday, it’s madness, its a SALEEEEEEE!


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