This Innocent Boy Lost His Life But His Family Shockingly Decided To Let it Go

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You may not know about this but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It happened, it actually happened. This is an incident from winter’16 in the area that is supposed to be the center of Lahore “Gulberg 3”.

A guy named Umer who was just 19 years old fell in love with a girl who lived near his house. Both the girl and the boy talked about it to their families. But both the families were not in the favor of getting them married. So the boy stepped back when he saw no future with her and he also didn’t want to go against his family too. So just to distract himself from her, he started praying and even started giving “azaan” in the mosque.

Rather than doing something bad, he left it all to Allah and started praying from Him. Meanwhile, the girl ate some pills and was admitted to the hospital where the guy went and explained things to her and tried to persuade her. After a few days, the girl called the guy and asked him to come to her home, it was 2-3am.

Source: World Life Expectancy

It was too late but the girl emotionally blackmailed him, she asked him to come or else she’ll commit suicide. The guy rushed to her house. He went inside the house through the main door and he was like in a hurry just to see the girl alive and all okay. Meanwhile, the girl’s mother started shouting and everyone else in the house woke up too. Seeing everyone coming in anger close to him he ran upstairs on the roof top but then he was beaten by them badly.

He was pushed from the roof but he held the fence and he was hanging on the fence. The cruel people kicked him on his hands and he left the fence and fell down from the roof. A guy who was passing by took him on his bike to a hospital where he was kept for 4 days. Due to severe brain injury, he was in a coma. He died after a few days of the incident.

Source: The Huffington Post

When that guy’s family was asked to file a case against the murderers, they said they don’t want to they are leaving it all up to Allah and Allah will do justice one day. Imagine someone’s young son was killed and they weren’t even ready to file a case. Why? Is this because of the poor judicial system we have? Is this because of the kind of police we have? Or is this because of the most common thing “log kia kahen gay”, “humari izzat ka kia hoga”?

Murder can never be justified whatsoever the reason is. And the murderer should always get a punishment that becomes a lesson for people. I was shocked to hear that the hospital too didn’t involve the police! Why? Because who would want to ruin the hospital’s image, right? For a minute let’s just think that the boy’s family filed a case against the murders but tell me how much time and money would have been required to fight the whole case?

On the other hand, let’s just say if the boy went to the house to rob or misbehave or anything else, why didn’t the girl’s family too called the police at that time rather than killing the guy? Is our judicial system this much weak that people decide to take their revenge and justice themselves?

How many more people will have to die for the sake of this “gairat” and “izzat”? Why didn’t they kill their daughter too? Why just the boy? There are so many questions that’ll always remain unanswered.

Source: SaddaHaq

There may be so many other cases like this that are hidden under the cover. If a murder case is taken so lightly guess how do they proceed with the other rape and robbery cases. Don’t ever hide the things. Expose them. What has happened can never be changed but you can set a lifetime lesson for others.

Don’t ever leave a criminal free. If he has spoiled one life he may spoil someone else’s life too. This needs to stop now. Speak up people, speak up. Spread awareness and let people know about it.

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