The Heartbreaking Story Of this Family Living On Rent Will Make You Cry!

The Heartbreaking Story Of this Family Living On Rent Will Make You Cry!

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20th April 2018 – Flat no. 15

“Dad! I want something”

“Now what?”

“Dad, I want sports shoes”

“Not now. Go back to your work”

“But dad, I have been asking you this since the last two months”

“I said go back to your work, don’t you understand. We will buy them later”

Bell rings,

“Hey, mom! You are home. I have been waiting for you for so long. You know our team won today’s match, now our school has qualified for the semi-final. Yayyy”

“Oh, that’s great my son. Now get your hands washed, I ready dinner meanwhile. It was a hectic day”

“Which day is not hectic for you mom” he mumbled.

“What’s for dinner mom?”

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“Mom, not again”

“Son, go get fresh and eat what has been cooked I’m not gonna hear any other word”

20th April 2018 – House no 40

“Dad, I have been asking for a new PSP for so long, why don’t you got me to replace old one”

“Because it will cost more money, well I will do that”

“But when dad, I have been asking you this since two weeks”

“I will buy a new one in next month”

“Dinner is ready, c’mon everyone”

“What’s for dinner mom?”

“Veg rice”

“Mom, I don’t want to eat that, I’m ordering pizza for myself”

4th May 2018, House no 40

*Bell rings*

Dad… Bilal uncle is here, he is calling you”

“Hey Mr.Bilal how are you it’s been so long”

“I’m fine. Yes, it’s being a whole month. Well, how are you?”

“I’m good. Come have a cup of tea together?”

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“No, actually I’m in a hurry. I… I’m just here to give you the rent.. of this month”, he tried to stable his shaking sweaty hands with a glance in eyes of desires of his children, and those SPORTS SHOES and fatigued face of his wife and all the extra hours he did all alone at the office late at night. Well, he overcomes his tear and misery and fixed himself once again just like every other month.

“Oh, thanks. Actually, I have been collecting money for my son’s new PSP. He has been recalcitrant. You just solved my problem”

“Hmm…I have to leave now”

“Oh yes sure, but a cup of tea is due”

(Fake smile) “sure for next time”

“Let’s go son to buy your new PSP”

4th May 2018 – Flat no. 15

“I PAID RENT OF THE HOUSE and submitted the fee of both children, but some extra money has been used this month, for repair of my motorbike. Well preserved remaining for the month”

“I also got the groceries for this month, and I also have to buy some new summer clothes for children all the old ones are short now. My salary is gonna end very soon this month.”

*Door knocks*

“Come in….. What happened son”

“Dad can I have new sports shoes?”

“My son, I promise you to buy them next month”

“Ok Dad”

*The door closes, tears wiped by both son and dad*

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