This Girl’s Struggles And Her Success Reminds Us All To Work Hard And Have Faith In Allah

We have heard a number of success stories – how people started from nothing and are now at a point in their lives they never thought they could ever achieve. Such stories, they motivate us. They make us want to be a better person in our lives. These stories make us thank Allah for everything He has given to us. However, what many don’t realize is how these stories filled with struggles and hardships, shape a person. These are the same stories which help us see how far in life we have reached.

While God, the supreme power has blessed us with many things, each person has his or her own battle – a war within which they need and wish to conquer. Without your family and loved ones, these battles, however, are tough to fight.

Sidra Aziz, a girl who had big dreams, had nothing but the willpower to work hard, the support of her family and her faith and trust in Allah.

Twitter: @NamkeenJalebi

As an observer, I have noticed Sidra’s presence on social media. Sharing the pleasure of having a conversation with her, watching her gym routines and other day-to-day activities, one couldn’t imagine the struggles Sidra had been through until you read her story. Here’s how she narrated her life-struggles:

While One May Think This Means Nothing, It Sure As Hell Does When You Can’t Live The Way Everyone Else Does

This ‘No Complaints’ Here, Folks, Is What You Call Maturity

The Results of Hard Work Start Showing!

The Most Important Lesson Of All


Absolute Key!

Sidra believes that her family; her mother and her sister are an integral part of who she is.

Indeed, Sisters Are A Blessing

Twitter: @NamkeenJalebi

And Our Super Mothers!

Twitter: @NamkeenJalebi

While talking to Parhlo, here’s something Sidra wanted to share:

We all have our battles in life, what makes us strong is the fact that life gives you only one chance to make it right. So we need to strive for the better, constantly. Always remember that the only person that can help you is you. Any entity greater than that is God. He will help you and He is the only one whom you should seek strength, courage and guidance from. Help others even if they are ruthless, but don’t let this stop you from striving for what you want. Sky is the limit.

Believing in Allah doesn’t mean you leave everything on Him – just the way Sidra did. She worked hard and is now enjoying things she never had during her struggles, it is essential for us to see this as a reminder that success doesn’t come easily.

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