The Forgotten Man, The Forgotten Language – Happy Iqbal Day, Pakistanis!

Amidst our occupied routines, getting a day off from office and university routines is a blessing we all look forward to. Sitting in front of the laptop while writing this, I read how people on social media are protesting how they wanted Iqbal Day to be a public holiday. To be very frank, I was one of them as well – until I realized:

This is Not the Reason Why We are Given Public Holidays in Remembrance of a Public Figure

After a while I came across this tweet:

Reading this tweet made me realize that learning about our national poet is just limited to the course work we cram through to pass our matriculation Pakistan Studies exam. One might blame the educational board for this – had there been a lenient way of passing the exams and more of a learning setup, students would’ve been more interested in knowing what Allama Iqbal contributed towards the heritage of Pakistan, the national language, and poetry, rather than learning the 14 points of independence jotted down.

To Top It All off, 9th November Treated As a “Normal Day” Makes Matter Worse

The impression given by our government and treating the birthday of our national poet as an “ordinary day” puts forward how the government only cares about their vested interests and have no intentions to educate the youth about the importance of this day which, like many other historical aspects, will witness clinical death if the decision isn’t reversed.

The State of The Historical Knowledge Present In Our Youth Can Be Measured From This Following Video

English Medium Youth of Pakistan funny by laali008

I mean no disrespect – there are times when my mother asks me historical questions I have no answers to. However, this is exactly why I am using this space – to protest how we lack knowledge regarding our motherland we so proudly despise or love. We are not familiar with the core ideologies that made Pakistan in the first place.

Sometimes, I love the Americans and Indians who with sheer passion promote their national heroes and culture through their films and songs. They value the gems they had – they show their passion and love for them.

Pakistani’s Are Divided, Even On National Holidays

Exactly like last year, KPK’s CM Pervez Khattak announced Iqbal Day holiday whereas rest of the provincial governments kept their interests ahead of national heritage.

Our lack of knowledge and interest is what makes Pakistan such a backward country. Neither do we respect the people who fought for our independence, nor do we try to remember them. We are so occupied in our lives that we have become nothing, but selfish citizens.


Not yet have other nations seen
What thou art truly worth;
The realm of being has need of thee
For perfecting this earth.

If aught yet keeps this world alive,
‘Tis thine impetuous zeal,
And thou shalt rise its ruling star
And thou shalt shape its weal.

This is no time for idle rest
Much yet remains undone:
The lamp of Tawhid needs thy touch
To make it shame the sun;

Thou art like fragrance in the bud
Diffuse thyself: be free,
Perfume the garden breeze, and fill
The earth with scent of thee.

From dusty speck, do thou increase
To trackless desert-main,
From a faint breeze, a tempest grow
Become a hurricane.

Raise thou through Love, all humble things
To greatness and to fame;
Enlighten thou the groping world
With dear Muhammad’s name.

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