The First Petition Under The Cyber Crime Bill Is Here- And It’s About Achari Handi

When the cyber crime bill was first introduced, we were all really afraid.

Well, why wouldn’t be? If disobeyed, the punishments are catastrophic. Jail time, fines reaching up to 500,000 rupees and what not. Even if you as much as uploaded a picture of your friend that they didn’t want you to, you could face all that.

However, some people say that it is necessary and to some extent, it is. It has its perks. No more weird stalkers on Facebook. No more bullying. No more harassment. That fake account of yours would be banned permanently and you wouldn’t have to worry about your reputation being tarnished.

So you would expect that the first case to be filed under it would be about something like a serial stalker trying to trap girls by blackmailing them with their photos being caught, right?


Cyber crime bill first petition & It’s actually about a restaurant in Lahore not liking a review someone posted about their Achari Handi. Welcome to Pakistan, people.

source: Twitter

source: Twitter

Us Pakistanis are very particular about our food, I get that. But really? Getting so upset over a review that you use Pakistan’s laws to try to get your way?

It’s just achari handi, yaar. Get over it.

Disclaimer: This is a piece of satire.

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