The Fast-Approaching Apocalypse & The Escape Plan Of The Filthy Rich


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This article was originally submitted by Talha Zafar Siddiqui

You might have seen underground bunkers in movies or read about them in stories; where people try to survive some natural hazard; like a volcano eruption, a tornado in Florida or even a nuclear attack. These fallout shelters are becoming very common in today’s world as a threat; bigger than these natural disasters or atomic attacks, is fast approaching.

It’s not new to prepare for a catastrophe, but today there’s a new kind of prepper; the silicon valley elite, and they believe that they’re preparing for a doomsday scenario of their own making with automation setting up the economy to crash under the weight of global debt. Adam tagger; the VP of yahoo, gave up his silicon valley lifestyle to prepare for the new world; that he sees inevitable with changes so drastic they’re hard to imagine. Adam talks about the elite of the society that includes doctors, lawyers, tech experts and more preparing underground bunkers; to protect themselves from this apocalypse in the form of economic collapse.

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But the question being, how does advancement in technology cause this apocalypse? Isn’t technology good for everyone?

Rapidly advancing technology undoubtedly is beneficial; making people’s lives easier but at the same time is stripping people away from their jobs. As automation increases, less labour is required to perform a certain task. For example, self-checkout has become common in grocery stores; a computer does the job that required several people to do before. This automation is and will keep on laying off labour and with technology; growing so rapidly, a majority of the population will be soon unemployed and the wealth being accumulated; for a small group of people.

With most people likely to be unemployed in the near future, the masses will become poorer and poorer and the people; who have designed this system will keep accumulating the wealth, and when the wealth is so unevenly divided; with most people struggling to survive, desperation and survival instincts kick in; leaving no choice but to fight for their survival and fight for food, shelter and water.

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This is going to be the time where the elite will ride this apocalypse in their underground bunkers; stocked with food, water and other necessary supplies whereas the common man will have to fight to survive.

This system made by these people will eventually be the cause of this apocalypse.

However, the sad thing is that instead of trying to prevent it from happening, they are preparing; for its consequences, and it is the common man who has to pay the consequences regardless.

“It is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism.”

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