The False Perceptions About Istekhara

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Now a days we have seen The Istekhara Business. You call on a number, tell them your issue and then they do istekhara and tell you the message of Allah whether its right or wrong for you. Now that simply defies logic as well as its not even close to the truth! People do istekhara with biased mindsets and what ever turns out as dreams is message of Allah, according to them. People don’t even know the mechanism of dreams!

What Does Istekhara Mean?


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First off, Istekhara is a Dua. Istekhara means “Khair chahna” and its a dua like dua for eating food, dua for sleep, dua for entering or leaving home etc. Its a dua not some Amal or Wazeefa!!!! No where in Quran or Hadith it is mentioned that you will get green light signal in dreams for the right decision and red for bad decision! No where! If you read the translation, it starts off with description of Greatness of Allah as All-knowing. The One who can make things happen. “Kun Fa ya Kun” Then it says that if The Mentioned work (Haazal Amar printed in red) is good for us, add blessing to it. If its not then keep me away and make me accept it.

Wazeefa Or Just A Prayer?


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No where it says about the dreams or paying some person to tell you. Allah has given us brain which we hardly want to use. If Allah has to come and tell us every thing directly despite the fact He gave us Quran and Sunnah, then where is the judgment on us? We have given choices and opportunities in every situation and we will be judged by the intentions and the choices we make! Istekhara prayer only defines that we are doing things to best of our abilities, we done our research, rest Allah knows and May Allah add blessing to it.. like we normally pray. Asking some one else to do istekhara for you would mean “Please pray for me”. So its just a prayer, and not a wazeefa or Amal.

Dream Theory. Real Or Fake?



Now those who believe in the dream theory should first understand the working of the dream. Dreams are simply a way in which our unconscious mind communicates to us (the right brain). It comes in deeper levels of mind (Alpha below). Dreams are symbolic and we all know that the subjective dimension of brain is heuristically and symbolic. So, what ever we see in dreams is what is in our subconscious which is 40,000 times powerful and more knowledgeable than our conscious mind. Hence we tend to assign supernatural beliefs to dreams like conversation with dead people and all. While that may be possible but we must know that you need to be a mediator for that. You need to be in the Alpha state of mind to ever establish that level of communication. Our Prophets used to meditate. Muhammad (SAW) meditated in Ghar-e-Hira for more than a decade to actually prepare himself to be able to receive revelations.

Isn’t It Haraam?



If Allah would have come directly, we all know the story of Hazrat Musa (A.S) then.The revelations were very heavy on our Prophet SAW and he used to shiver and used to sweat at times as these were of high energy. He gave us dua for Khairyat like he did for travel and stuff. He never did it himself. Allah used to give him information on need-to-know basis. Rest He was a Human like us and hence is a perfect example to follow for us normal people till eternity.

Lets Do Istekhara For Everything!!



I’ve seen that people do istekhara for marriage instead of trying to marry on basis of character and personality, we blame our insecurities to Allah (nauzubillah) saying that everything is fine but istekhara was not right. Then I’ve seen that first istekhara does not support your decision, second doesn’t and third is correct (I really don’t know on which criteria) and then they go for the marriage. The excuse is “dreams” which is totally a game of subconscious. So the bias is there or the fear is there and all you need is some mechanism to put name of Allah on it? If Allah would really come, the mountain burned!, a pious man would shiver and sinful people like us would perish! Please think what are you all doing?

Do Research First



Allah has given us the ability to reason. He has given us quran and Sunnah. Prophet SAW never used this for his marriages. His marriages are example for us. You choose your partner based on your love and matching of mindsets and beliefs. Its about loving personality and character of a person! The love between Him (SAW) and Hazrat Khadija is better than any love story! So do your research well. Do your part well. Work on your self. Be the person you want to live with. Remember, What you think and focus on will become your experience. Always do things with good intent and leave rest to Allah. He will help. Have faith in him. Once a Sahaba left his camel open and said that Allah will look after it. Muhammad SAW said that you need to tie him, do your part and then leave to Allah. We need to fullfill our job, ask Allah for Khairyar (Istekhara) and then trust in him.

Allah says
4:78 – “Wherever you may be, death will overtake you even if you are in fortified towers. If a good happens to them, they say:’This is from Allah,” but if an evil befalls them, they say:’This is from you(O Muhammad).’ Say:’All are from Allah,’ so what (is wrong with) these people that they do not seem to understand any word? “

4:79 – “Whatever reaches to you of good, is from Allah, but whatever befalls you of evil, is from yourself. Allah has sent you (Muhammad) for mankind as a messenger, and Allah is Sufficient as a Witness.”

So as long as you do good, Allah will help you. You intend good (inamal aamaalu binniyat, actions are judged by intentions) you will ultimately get good. Any wrong intent externally will be dealt by Allah then. However if You intend bad, you do bad, you will get bad as Allah will then not help you. Thus what ever bad we do is because of our bad dominant thoughts and bad intent! Kindly dont label it as Allahs direction under label of Istekhara!

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