The Axcuse Me Guy Dances His Way To Our Hearts Once Again!

Cozy haleem?? Thumka first please !!

It was a beautiful Monday morning. Just kidding! Mondays are never beautiful! I logged into my Facebook and fell on the floor while my father inspected the floor for cracks. I could not breathe! I could not figure out if I should laugh or die on the spot. The post that I first came across made me numb. The Monday was made even worse.

Waseem Hassan Sheikh !!

You tried to kill me. I was living a healthy life when you so quietly placed a bomb on Facebook 6 hours ago. I don’t even follow you, but people do. And they share. And they don’t think twice for some of us that might be weak at heart.

You were there dancing in a *shokh* purple kurta and a pink face with a woman trying her level best to present those *uffff maar dala* moves. Twerking and delivering those thumkas. But for what? Wait for it…It was “Cozy Haleem.”

The girl, innocently asking you to bring “talli machli” and “tikka boti”, while still trying to keep her thumka game strong.

Meanwhile, the posters at the back caught my attention. I thought its an election campaign for some pml n uncle. You know, how they have pehelwaan type uncles on one side of the poster looking back at you with their intikhaabi nishaans? Unfortunately he was not contesting. He was simply there to advertise his business.

The four dudes dancing with WHS thought they are the heroes because Waseem bhai honestly didnt looked like a lead with that pink face, that bob which he carries in such a fashionable manner  and that *shokh* kurta which only Hamza Ali Abbasi can carry off. (Cadbury ad, remember?)

Lets not forget the swirl and twirl WSH does while presenting the mutton haleem. Isn’t that the same swirl and twirl he did with that johnny and jugnu shami burger where he becomes a “Yo Dude”? It’s gotta be he signature style !!

Waseem Hasan Sheikh seems to be getting viral with each of his new videos. It won’t be long till he’s the big name in the advertising industry! What do you think? Do you want to eat Cozy Haleem now? Because I certainly do!

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