These 8 Incredible Pakistani Companies Are Owned By LSE Students

Here’s a fact that all should learn and understand, it does not matter which educational institution you belong in case you think it’s is necessary in order to succeed in life. Even if opportunities are presented to you on a silver platter for being enrolled in some famous institute, I believe you can never defeat that one competitor who has worked hard and beyond in order to find recognition and establish his/her own business for example, because these entrepreneurs are fierce and hardworking.

Here we list a number of companies which are owned and operated by the graduates of a well-known educational institution of Pakistan – Lahore School of Economics. These are listed below (in no particular order).

1)     LitPlus Creatives



LitPlus creatives is a brand design agency that helps brands engage consumers and communicate brand culture. They use strategy and design to connect brands and people through the things they love, products, services, and experiences that support their lifestyle and matter in culture.

2)    The Travellers



A traveling agency as the name suggests, The Travelers is one of the best travel agency in Pakistan as it provides a unique traveling experience for all its customers.

3)      9lines



9Lines is a fresh, fun, yummy Fashion & Lifestyle label. There is an oddity, a sense of innovation & creativity that is a virtue of 9Lines.




edukan claims to bring the grocery store to your home. You can order any and everything as per your need from this online delivery service.

5)      Beyond The Canvas Studios



Beyond the canvas is run by a highly skilled team which can cover your most important events. It provides services which include photography, videography, graphic designing, corporate identities and advertising campaigns.

6)      Closet Line

Source: Closet Line Clothing - Facebook

Source: Closet Line Clothing – Facebook

The Closet line is an online clothing service which aims to provide the high-quality fabric and feel less prints.

7)      The Cakery Bakery



The Cakery Bakery offers unique and exquisite tasting desserts, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, treats, desserts and savory items.

8)      Easy Kitaab



EasyKitaab is the first one to bring up Course Books in an online bookstore! They deliver the complete range of Course Books along with Customized Notebooks and a list of other items.

These are only a few examples and yes, these are all operated and run by all those individuals who are #MadeinLSE.


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