The End of Illiteracy in Pakistan – When and How?

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With a supposed 55% literacy rate and ranked as the 160th most literate country in the world, Pakistan isn’t exactly a shining beacon of learning and development in the eyes of the both Pakistanis and global citizens. In fact, illiteracy is a social issue that has plagued Pakistan for decades. Here is a closer look at illiteracy in Pakistan, why you should help, and how you can put an end to this social problem.

What is Illiteracy?

Illiteracy is termed as the inability to read or write. Some may state it’s the inability to comprehend information or make rational decisions. Some state it’s the inability to write and sign your own name.



Illiteracy is all of these and more. In truth, illiteracy is a condition, problem, plague, and/or social issue that are rotting the very core of our beloved society.

Why Does Illiteracy need to End?

What most people may not know or realize is that ending illiteracy will do so much more than just giving people knowledge. By ending illiteracy, you will help people not be manipulated and have their home, life, family, money, and even their dignity and sanity stolen from them. It will help people make the right choices in life, whether it choosing a loan, spouse, job, or even a candidate in an election. The business owners and poor cart owners understand their customers and thus ensure their business flourishes. The women knowing their rights and how to fight for them will be possible with literacy.

The End of Illiteracy in Pakistan – The Green Dawn Approaches


Believe it or not, the fight against illiteracy is on and many organizations and individuals have taken arms against it – and are winning. You can end illiteracy too in 5 very easy and subtle ways.


Most children want to learn and help their family out of poverty but don’t have the resources to do so. If you want to help end illiteracy, sponsor a child’s education personally. Of course, this will cause financial stress to their family because the child won’t help earn for the family. To overcome this barrier, donate the child’s monthly contribution to the family so the child can learn worry-free.




Many of us don’t have the resources to sponsor a child’s education by ourselves but there are others who do. Organizations such as TCF, Saylani Welfare, Aman Foundation, and Alamgir Welfare Trust, among many, are giving children a chance to learn, play, and grow. All you have to do is help a deserving gain admission or financial aid. Simply guide them to these organizations and either help them gain admission there or at the very least, let them know where they can gain a good education.




If you have the knowledge, skills, and passion to teach, why not teach a child, or even an adult, the basics? In your free time, teach anyone you can, regardless of whether they are your maids, sweepers, their children, or even the kids next door. You don’t have to teach them mathematics, chemistry, or accounting but the fundamentals such as how to read, write and most importantly, think for themselves.




If you don’t have the knowledge, skills, and time to teach a fellow human being, you can donate to a number of organizations who know and have the resources to do so. There are an estimated 25 million children who cannot sit in school because of a lack of financial resources.
Rs.1 a day from even 10% of Pakistan’s educated population (3 million) amounts to Rs. 300,000 a day. That’s enough to put over 100 kids through primary school every year from a measly Rs.1 donation.

Spreading the Message



If you don’t have the money, knowledge, or skills to do anything about illiteracy in Pakistan, your voice is enough. Whether you’re on the internet, at home, with friends, at a religious center, in university, school, or college, or whether you have a chance to talk to a child, spread the message of ending illiteracy.

Tell others how they can help. Shatter their barriers using the points above. Show them that there is always something anyone can do to end illiteracy and bring Pakistan out of darkness and into the basking glow of the Green Dawn. Tell others about organization where they can gain an education or where they can donate. Times are changing and so are the people of Pakistan. A Green Dawn approaches that will usher in the end of illiteracy in Pakistan. The question is, how will you have played your part when the light of the Green Dawn illuminates Pakistan and washes away illiteracy like the tide washes the shore?

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