The State Of This University In Gujrat Will Make You Question The Standard Of Education In Pakistan!

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Malfeasance! Yes, this is the right word to describe the sorry state of affairs in the University of Gujrat (UOG). Now the things have escalated overhead and can’t be expressed using the word ‘corruption’. In fact, people derive pleasure in the application of this very word.

Nepotism and inequity no more stand in the category of corruption nowadays. Rather they say, ‘It is the right, the hereditary right of our family to grab so and so positions’. Urghhh…this word is misleading too or perhaps this has been engrossed in so many institutes that you can’t overlook the others when you talk about one.

Well, I was talking about UOG at the moment. There are thousands of brilliant people who are appointed each year in the name of so-called contract lectureship however they don’t get the chance to become permanent. But wait, how can a large number of brilliant degree holders be accommodated in the university? The university where so many black sheep are grabbing the best positions, not because of their brilliance but because of their ‘GODFATHERS’!

That’s a place where a master degree holder of Zoology, who was taught English privately at home, is, in fact, teaching English Linguistics for almost 9 to 10 years professionally. Wow! They deserve claps but right on their faces. Isn’t it playing with the future of so many children? But no, the story doesn’t end here. Merely giving notes and sliding them on the multimedia is not enough. It can be termed as a lucrative money-making business but not education at all.

And the very important thing, these black sheep know that their own concepts in the given field are not sufficient so what tactics do they have to look cool and to extend their stay in the university-their useless melodramatic conversation over family life, vulgar and nonsensical allusions to distract the attention of the students.

It is same as doing ‘rote learning’ from the notes for one hour and so, eating up the already eaten up brains of the students and distracting them for the next remaining hour to a nonstop belaboring. I mean seriously, they think by doing this they are looking cool and a kinda up-to-date professor. I am sorry to say, the students make fun of you outside. They only tolerate you because they know that they can’t get knowledge from these educated charlatans but yes they will get an ‘F’ grade if they argue.

There should be a psychological test for all the lecturers before their selection in the university as there are a few freaks in the departments who award the grades to the students after having full knowledge of their sects. It is a high time to get rid of these retards before they are going to transform the whole community into educated freaks like themselves.

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