The Increasing Trend Of Using The Word ‘Bachiyan’ In Our Pakistani Society Is Extremely Disturbing

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The nation has many trends and most of the time we never know where they originate from. Recently, I have seen an increasing use of the term of ‘bachi’ or ‘bachiyan’ and it sickens me. Before the so-called literalists start their national pastime of bashing, at least do me the courtesy of reading the whole article before you do so.

The term seems to be referring girls. The first thought that comes to mind is why the respectable words that already exist in English, Urdu, and Punjabi (or any other language for that matter!) are not good enough. Maybe because we are bored of the usual words and we need a new trend — I really don’t know but it bemuses me, to say the least.

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As I am curious, I was unsure if one would refer to their girlfriends or life partners as ‘bachi’? If not I would suggest maybe it stops being used when going searching for the aforementioned women. Does it imply to someone is young, single or what? To me, a ‘bachi’ is a little girl — nothing more and nothing less. Maybe by using the term, it gives a false sense of manhood, but who am I to assume. I hope someone can help me clarify the matter.

I honestly tried to ignore it and hoped it would fade away but every day now I come across some sort of meme or social media post which is using the term to grow their user base. I know it’s only a word, but we know words mean a lot more.


For a nation like Pakistan, what scares me most is that it links back to a traditional misogynist mindset. We claim to be a generation who are ‘educated, western, liberal’ or similar words, yet we can’t seem to get past some ‘engrained-in-our-DNA’ habits.

I will most likely be called a few names like feminist, conservative, lunatic and more — no problem. But let’s get past this, please. Sadly, in Pakistan whenever we disagree with something, it’s either a western conspiracy, or we give it a name like the few mentioned, but rarely will we hold our hands up and say ’I’m wrong’. Our pride won’t let us do so.

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So whether it be for the use of the word ‘bachi’ or any other trend, particularly amongst young, testosterone-touting boys, think more about the world you are growing into and have complained about. This is your time to change things so start doing so!

For those still reading, I am not a feminist or any of the above descriptions, I just think we need to show each other a little respect. I’m not trying to lecture you from doing what you do, ‘cause I know it won’t work, but as Beyoncé said ’put a ring on it’. And trust me… any long-lasting, loving relationship starts with mutual respect — just saying.

And for those still considering their fashionable ways, and continuing with it, others will continue to and may focus on the ‘bachiyan’ at your home.

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