The Brutal ShahNoorani Carnage Is An Eyeopener For All Pakistanis!

They Call It ‘Mass Murder Carnage’

For how long will we humiliate them? What makes them ask for severance? Surely, this is a national oblivion and parochialism and what are we trying to get out of it?

Seeing them ask for help was equally gruesome for me as it could be for any other Pakistani. It pierced my heart. Nobody deserves to die like this. Absolutely no one.

Their sin? The fault with their stars is actually their punishment. How futile and fruitless were their words of lamentation. How benumbed am I at the moment, words are failing me.

Actually, what they need is just a little attention and amenities. Our fallacious, loop-holed policies will go on bringing these heart-rending moments. They are being pushed towards the wall (the cliche these days) in the truest sense of the word.

How much would it take to learn from these brutalities? How much more of the ephemeral and fly-by-night commission-making? Do we love to be ‘fly-on-the-wall’-esque nation? How hardcore are we? Any more havoc awaiting?  No more blame-game, please. No nearby hospitals, no dispensaries. Not even a trace of a clinician.

Zippo. Nada. Zilch.

They give you gas, coal, marble, the list goes on. You hurl disgrace at them. Call them veterans of disparity. They got accustomed to this hide and seek, day in day out against this bombing. You give them terra firma bomb Tetris. They live as if their life is borrowed.

Hey, stop it. Get out of this gibberish gnoseology. No more rationalizations. We don’t need this. Give us hope, a hope of life. Pour us out of having qualms about dying or being lynching at hands of our own. Just give us delusions of life as your religion permits you to do so.

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