The Biggest Problem For Women On Eid – THEIR DARZI!

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As the end of Ramadan approaches, the center of attention of Pakistanis shifts from Ramadan Transmissions to Tailors. The attention towards the tailors is nothing new to Pakistanis. Every year, we get to see many people ranting about how their tailor has not yet delivered the clothes or has ruined their clothes or simply doesn’t listen to them. Some people rant about their tailor to their friends and family while some people choose Twitter for their ranting:


If you know what she means

Some people were busy giving open threats to their Tailor


NO Time NO Option

Darzi nun Kuriyan na maran te Darzi nae marda!

Please Girls, its Ramadan

The Nakhre Wala Tailor

Not YOUR Boyfriend. Your Darzi

Kurtay ka Pajama

Some are the most blessed

Shout out to the Heroes

This Gives A very Good Idea To The Common People

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