Twitter Has Introduced A Unique Way to Pick Your Significant Other!

The fast paced schedules and busy lives of people nowadays don’t allow for them to slow down and get to know each and every potential partner. Buuut, with the newest technological advancements in the dating world, figuring out potential partners is as easy as swiping left and or right!

The Best New Way to Pick Your Significant Other!

Plus point – you don’t have to deal with people like this:


Twitter, the original innovator of different ways to reject people, came up with a hilariously witty hashtag to help narrow down potential suitors; boys and girls.

#WeCantChillTogether might just be the best way to put your specifications for a relationship out there, even before the relationship begins!

In one hashtag, #WeCantChillTogether simultaneously tells people about the personality of the poster, as well as the DO NOT’s that would piss them off in a relationship.

The Best New Way to Pick Your Significant Other!

Which is really the best way to start a relationship, in our opinion. By knowing what exactly ticks your significant other off, and not doing it!

People started posting their terms and conditions on Twitter, because you never know when you’ll find true love, obviously.

We saw some actually good points on what’s important to people.

And then we dug a little deeper…

…and out came the crazy

Like. Really crazy.

ew, ew, ew, the mental images!!!

But at the end of the day, as with all new advancements, there will be those who use it the way it is supposed to be used, and those who just straight up troll it. Use this new innovation wisely, and you too, can find your Prince/Princess Charming!

The Best New Way to Pick Your Significant Other!

If you don’t, well. You’re basically this guy.

source: tumblr

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