The Battle Between Musk and Meta AI Chief

The Battle Between Musk and Meta AI Chief

Elon Musk is known for his outrageous and insensitive remarks. In recent Musk got into a quarrel with Meta’s AI chief Yan Lee Cun.

Musk on Monday took it to X to promote X AI. Musk reinforced the idea of exploring the unknown and understanding the truth without holding room for any morals.

Yan Lee Cun took it to X to reply to Musk’s tweet. Cun expressed his admiration for all the great work done by Musk through all his creations. Cun, however, showed distaste for how Elon Musk conducts himself in public.

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Cun pointed out Musk’s vengeful politics and his love for conspiracy theories.

The feud took a personal turn with Elon Musk’s targeting Cun’s research, emphasizing that more efforts were needed. Musk further added that Cun’s words are not his own.

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