The Older Bachelor Woman Is The Buri Aurat Of Our Pakistani Society

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If you are a working woman, 30+ and single too, they will give you a look that would definitely make you believe that your life is a waste. No matter what you do and who you are, if you aren’t making round chapattis for your hubby and cooking for the 3-year-old, you are completely useless. People see you through a different lens.

In our society, the marriageability of a woman decreases as she ages and it increases as the male ages (depending on how much he is earning as well). Day in and day out they are made to think their time is running out … tick tock. However, when it comes to men, the opportunities are always there as young as an 18 years old.

There are four situations where these two groups of people are treated very differently.

Situation 1:  Dinner

Synopsis: In a situation where one has to offer dinner to both. A single male is a potential opportunity for the young ladies that you know. However, a single woman is definitely a potential threat, who is out to steal your own husband.

Auntie’s thought process

  • An Older man who is single: “Pata nai baycharay nai kuch kaya bhi ho ga ya nai… Akila hai khana bhejwa detay hain”

Source: Computer Sciences User Pages

  • An Older woman who is single: “Cooking seek leti tu ajj es ki shadi ho jati”


Situation 2 : Career

Synopsis: For a man investing time in his career is good, he is considered as a hardworking and committed man. However, for a woman, she is the very reason why the fabric of society is being damaged

Auntie’s thought process

  • An Older man who is single : “He has worked hard to establish himself … kisi fazool cheez mai dehan nai dia bus kam kia hai”


  • An Older single woman : “Ye hai hi career oriented , family tu banana hi nai chati …warna abhi tak shadi kar leti”


Situation 3 Character

Synopsis: The man probably didn’t get married because he is innocent and naïve. He’s like an angel who hasn’t found his match. However, if it’s a woman then probably THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH HER

Aunties thought process

  • An Older man : “Kamaoo Putar , Shareef Larka, Seedha ,Saadha”

Source: India Opines

  • An Older woman : “Buri Aurat” (sums it all up)

Source: Bad-Bishop – DeviantArt

Situation 4: Relationships

Synopsis: The man probably didn’t find a match, he is so talented, handsome and educated, there was no woman who could be worthy of him. However, the woman, well she’s a snob, she is thankless and ungrateful

Aunties thought process

  • An Older man : “Koi dhang ki larki nai mili hogi jo is k laiq ho”

Source: Oye Happy

  • An Older woman: “Khud nai karna chahti, kisi larkay pe khush nai hai. Masters hai tu kia hua, ghar basana ho tou matric pass key saath bhi basaya jaskta hai”

Source: lamyabhatri

So next time you see an older woman who is not married, try not to judge her, she might end up being your son’s boss or your grandchild’s school principal. (and do cook for her too)

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