The Augmenting Trend Of Extravagant Weddings In Pakistan – Now A Source Of Pain And Shame

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I don’t know if it’s me or people are actually spending a huge amount of money on weddings these days. The never ending list of wedding occasions is the current trend in Pakistan. There is this huge cultural and social pressure on families these days that they are left with no other option but to spend a handsome amount of money on Mayoun, Mehndi, Rukhsati, and Valima.

And trust me the list doesn’t end over here. Thanks to Instagram, Snapchat and many other social networking sites due to which this list extend up to separate function of Nikah, bridal shower, bari dholki, choti dholki etc.

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In my opinion, extravagant and lavish weddings are nothing but a sheer waste of money. I am not against people having multiple functions for their wedding but with their spendthrift attitude. I mean like seriously what is the purpose behind a big fat wedding having multiple photographers, videographers, quad-copters, buffet dinner, bride and groom having luxurious limousine entry, highly expensive designer dresses, unusual and fancy decoration and flashy lights?


Sorry to say but we are losing the essence and true spirit of marriage and that is how our young generation is indulging into other activities and running far away from marriage and this is no doubt an alarming situation.

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What about all those guys who want to get married but in a simple manner and has no extra money for the ridiculously expensive wedding and their fiancees are putting them under the pressure “ke valima ki entry cold fire k sath hi hogi ya lehnga Deepak Parwani ka hona chahye”. What about all those dads out there who are burdened with financial, social and cultural responsibilities “ke haww log kia kahenge ke beti ki shaadi main kitni kanjoosi dikhai hai”.

During all those “shaadi ki tyaarian” we forget about that poor man who has a daughter with the same wishes and dreams as the girl from a rich family, who doesn’t even have money to give to the Molvi Sahab for Nikah. Or who can only afford a single dish to serve to the guests?

Guys we really need to rethink on this matter and should lower down the standard of the wedding so that every other person is on the same level and no one is thrown into the position where he has to think about “log kia kahenge”.

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