The Alleged ATM Robber from Rahim Yar Khan Dies Under Police Custody And It’s Extremely Shocking!

You might have seen the video making rounds on the internet these past few days – an alleged robber standing in an ATM machine, making faces to the camera while taking something out of it.

According to news channels and reports, there is a string of robbery taking place in different parts of Faisalabad where robbers hack the ATM machines and get access to cards of customers. The man seen in the CCTV footage was said to be one of the robbers.

From the video, it just seems like an innocent act. A guy enters the ATM, starts doing the normal money-withdrawal activities, but later opens the machine and gets his card out. One wonders how did he know his way around the ATM machine so swiftly.

Here’s the News Report by A News Channel

The Shocker Is That This Man Died During Police Interrogation Earlier Today

According to the police, this man is identified as Salahuddin Ayubi who belongs to Kamonkay district of Gujrawala. Because of the video, police was able to identify him and bring him in for interrogation. News reports claim that the individual died because of how his health deteriorated while he was in the custody.

The officials claim that Salahuddin Ayubi was facing mental health issues and was doing foolish things while in custody.

When things got out of hands, he was immediately rushed to the hospital, as claimed by the police. However, doctors announced him dead as soon as they checked.

The police shared that the real cause of his death will be determined once the autopsy report comes out.

This is indeed a shocker. Even if he was a robber as all news outlets claim, he should have been treated with utmost delicacy, even when if the police knew his mental condition.

Rest in peace.

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