The Actual English Subtitles for These Indian Songs Will Make You ROFL!

The English subtitles for these Indian songs will make you laugh like crazies!

1. Hookah Bar – Bar Pey Zyada Char Gayi Shayad . . .

Hookah bar

2. Tooh – What The ‘Tooh’?


3. Zara Zara Touch Me – Who Wouldn’t?

Zara zara touch me

4. Ishq Wala Love – So Exactly What Love Is He Talking About?

ishq wala love

5. Suno Na Sange Marmar – LIAR! You Can’t Give Away The Taj!!

Suno na sangemarmar

6. Balam Pichkari – Even We Are Struggling With This One . . .

Balam Pichkari

7. Chak Dhum Dhum – Chak What What?

chak dum dum

8. Caller Tune – It’s Blinding Really

Caller tune

9. Paani Wala Dance – Or Any Other Words You Can Think Of?

Paani wala dance

10. Maar Dala – We Think It Suits You Too

maar dala

11. Aaj Blue Hai Pani – Isn’t it Always Though?

Sunny Sunny (2)
12. Gandi Baat – Taubah Taubah! When Are Good Deeds Enough Though?

Gandi baat

13. Anday Ka Funda – Whattay Brain!

Andey ka funda (2)

14. Daaru Desi – What Even . . . We Can See That Saif!

Daru Desi

15. Character Dheela – Salman Khan. ‘Nuff Said

character dheela

 16. Cheengam Chaba K – That’s Very Ungentlemanly Of You Imran

Chori chichori

17. DK Bhose – And Now We Know Why

dk bose (2)

18. Tharki Chokro Aayo – Too Literal?

Tharkii chokro

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