The Actual English Subtitles for These Indian Songs Will Make You ROFL!

The Actual English Subtitles for These Indian Songs Will Make You ROFL!

The English subtitles for these Indian songs will make you laugh like crazies!

1. Hookah Bar – Bar Pey Zyada Char Gayi Shayad . . .

Hookah bar

2. Tooh – What The ‘Tooh’?


3. Zara Zara Touch Me – Who Wouldn’t?

Zara zara touch me

4. Ishq Wala Love – So Exactly What Love Is He Talking About?

ishq wala love

5. Suno Na Sange Marmar – LIAR! You Can’t Give Away The Taj!!

Suno na sangemarmar

6. Balam Pichkari – Even We Are Struggling With This One . . .

Balam Pichkari

7. Chak Dhum Dhum – Chak What What?

chak dum dum

8. Caller Tune – It’s Blinding Really

Caller tune

9. Paani Wala Dance – Or Any Other Words You Can Think Of?

Paani wala dance

10. Maar Dala – We Think It Suits You Too

maar dala

11. Aaj Blue Hai Pani – Isn’t it Always Though?

Sunny Sunny (2)
12. Gandi Baat – Taubah Taubah! When Are Good Deeds Enough Though?

Gandi baat

13. Anday Ka Funda – Whattay Brain!

Andey ka funda (2)

14. Daaru Desi – What Even . . . We Can See That Saif!

Daru Desi

15. Character Dheela – Salman Khan. ‘Nuff Said

character dheela

 16. Cheengam Chaba K – That’s Very Ungentlemanly Of You Imran

Chori chichori

17. DK Bhose – And Now We Know Why

dk bose (2)

18. Tharki Chokro Aayo – Too Literal?

Tharkii chokro

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