The 7 Very Unique, Yet Common Ways To Have A Healthy Life!

The 7 Very Unique, Yet Common Ways To Have A Healthy Life!

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Leading a healthy life in our busy schedules is not as hard as it seems. You opening this article is a sign from the heavens above that you’re open to open to changes in your life. While going to the gym, consulting a psychologist may seem a little too much, I’ve got some simple tips that you incorporate in your day to day life that will help you lead a healthy life!

1. Pocha Laga Lain (Exercise)

Source: Native Born Blog

Add in an hour walk to your daily routine to lose all the extra paratha weight hanging from your chin. Warna, wohi baat hogai kay khwab Katrina kay aur sehat donut jaisi, am I right?

2. Drink More (Paani Of Course)

Source: Desi Akhbar

Drink up to 10 glasses of water daily to keep your body healthy and hydrated. Unless you’re up for some chittars, botalain dobara bhar kay rakhna mat bhoolyehga, werna ammi kia kaheingi?

3. Give More

Source: Recruiterpoet Blog

Help someone in need daily, may that be your maasi or your little brother. Trust me, Shabana living next door is not in need of your help.

4. Laugh Out loud (Less Virtual LOLing, More Actual Laughing)

Source: Pinterest

We all know how many a times you have written LOL with a more serious face than the “bik gai gormint” aunty. Take some time to sit and have a conversation with people whose company you genuinely enjoy. Surely laughter will soon follow.

5. Count (You Thought Money, Right?)

Source: My Jewish Learning

Please, this isn’t about your money, put that wallet down because let’s face it, we’re all broke! Count your blessings. Be grateful every once in a while. Let the people you love know that you appreciate them.

6. Don’t Feel Jealous

Source: Tumblr

It’s time you stop comparing yourself to other people and love yourself for who you are. Mazak say hatkay, aap ki jaisi pakora naak with dimples wala combination bohat unique hai.

7. Need Maintenance (Of The Sleep Variety)

Source: Family Sponge

That’s right folks, to be a happier person it’s important for you to maintain your sleep. To retain a healthy life, you must first be well-rested.

Last but not the least, let your phone breathe every two hours for you both to function properly and maintain sanity. There’s so much more to life than the little life draining box in your hand.Try these tips sometimes.

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