The 6 Most Important Lessons Anime Taught Us

People may call them cartoons, but only the real followers and lovers of anime know what category they really come under. While cartoons are used to offering entertainment and are more along the lines of commercial appeal, most anime tug the strings of our hearts even today, and we are attached to them just the way we are to Game of Thrones, Suits, or any other TV serial.

However, it’s the mix and merging of so many different themes, love, friendship, war, mystery, sci-fi, that make it appealing to everyone, not just people who prefer this style of animation.

While the Japanese “cartoons” maybe watched by a few, the anime followers know they have much more to offer and most of them include vital life lessons for all ages.

So, what life lessons do we learn from them? Here are some below:

1. You should make peace with your inner demons

Everyone has their inner demons; instead of crushing them with hate, just like famous anime character Naruto once used to do. Naruto taught us that it is better to gladly accept who you are and befriend your flaws to better yourself.

I won’t run away anymore… I won’t go back on my word…

Remember, everything is the way it is for a reason.

2. The louder you scream, more power you have

We all know the Dragon Ball series and how much scream time it has. Well, they do say that your inner power is somehow related to your anger and fury. Therefore, the next time you are to lift a heavy object, do it while screaming – it adds a whole new power to it!

3. Overcome your fears

Just like Arima in “Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso” (Your Lie in April) had a fear related to playing piano, people have their own fears and everyone should attempt to fight them once and for all.

Sometimes, people may need others as support. Remember, when the time is right, that someone will definitely walk into your life and Your Lie in April taught us that as well.

Life is all about picking yourself when you fall.

4. Circumstances force people to change

Tokyo Ghoul” taught us that nobody wants to leave their good sides behind in the past. However, when the pain is too much, people change and sometimes, the damage can be permanent.

On the contrary, challenges of life can bring out the better person inside you. For example, after all the immaturity we saw in Naruto, he turned out to be a much responsible person with the passage of time and with the amount of challenges he went through.

5. Knowledge is power

Edward Elric and his brother Alphonse from “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” had to read hundreds of books just to correct their one mistake which had resulted in huge losses for them both.

However, as they read more and more books, they became wiser and had a greater realization of the dark government schemes. This eventually led them to their success.

6. Being nice is not a duty, it should be embedded in nature

You can learn so much from Ash in Pokémon series that are going on since the 90’s. We should all try to be like Ash, and have a healthy respect for every creature alive in the world, may it be an animal or person (or even plants and insects).

Thanks for bearing with me. Here is a cute little kitten for you all!

Do share your favorite lessons taught by your favorite anime!

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