The 14 Year Old Pakistani, Ali Zoyan, wrote a book about HTML5 – Amazon Certifed Author

This is a guest post submitted by Ali Zoyan. All views expressed in this article are of the contributor.

Ali Zoyan has passed his exams and now he is in 8th grade. He turned 14 this May! During the lockdown when schools weren’t physically open Ali Zoyan had enough time to learn and practice his passion in the world of computers.

He learned at home with his father Faisal Durrani , who himself is a computer teacher since 22 years MashaAllah.

So, Ali learned about web programming development and coding and decided to write a book on what he has learned. He wrote a book on HTML5 which is basically a programming language. It took time and very much hard work. Then, he sent his book to Amazon for approval.

Alhumdulillah his book was according to all the policies and got certified by Amazon and his book is now available on Amazon and also on Payhip. Ali Zoyan is now a certified author on Amazon. He is now working on writing another book, it will be published soon Inshallah.

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