The 10 Types Of Biwiyaan Pakistani Men Need To Be Aware Of

Whoever said women are complicated, said it right. In fact, be it men or women, everyone is complicated and that makes a relationship beautiful. I mean, what’s the fun in life if everything is plain, predictable and boring, eh?

When you marry a woman, you are marrying her different shades. She might be extremely demanding in one situation, but in the next one, she’ll support you like a pillar that’ll never fall down.

We bring you today the types of biwiya you may want to be aware of since she will be your other half for the rest of your life.

Note: This article is in extremely light, fun tone. So zara halkay sae lena isko.

1. The Maa-Saman, Seedhi-Saadhi Biwi

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Ah, the dream of every saas is to find such a bahu; a bahu who wouldn’t say a word, the ‘saanskaari’ one who’d do anything her family commands her to do.

2. The Patakha Biwi

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The one who adds spice to your life, the patakha biwi is the one who will always keep you on your toes. She’ll have all the gossips of your home and relatives and will keep a proper look on everything that’s happening around.

3. The Committiyo Wali Biwi

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You don’t need to worry about your wife overspending when she’ll always have her money invested in committees that ‘may’ be beneficial for both of you. Oh and not to forget her tea parties. There will be loads of them!

4. The Larrakka Biwi


If you are up for having brawls, your life will be very entertaining. She will make issues bilawaja and you would have to deal with them. Nicely.

5. The Farmaishi Biwi

Source: Hindustan Times

Regardless of how independent you may think she is, the farmaishi biwi likes being demanding. She wants you to make efforts for her. You can always trade for something in return for all the farmiaishe she may make.

6. The Health Freak Biwi


She’s the type of biwi many husbands are jealous of (no offence, hehe). Because she eats healthy and exercises daily, she remains fit enough to make you look way older. The plus point is that she will always tell you to look after your health too.

7. The Shop-Till-You-Drop Biwi


Her obsession is with clothes and her desires in life is to be up-to-date in terms of dressing. As soon as the newest lawn collection comes out, she will be there, fighting for her favorite dress…*coughs* Sapphire wali auntiya *coughs*.

8. The Never-Home Biwi


She likes socializing a lot and she will hardly remain home. Ah, the ideal life!

9. The Always-Beemar Biwi

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The nazuk si biwi who gets unwell too often. Might get annoying sometimes but she is your wife so be farmardarr!

10. The Suniye Wife



The sweetest of all the types and the one who even when argues tries to keep her cool. She will have the best solutions to your issues and she will hardly ever give you any headaches.

Overall, marriage is a beautiful concept where two people share their flaws in the bond of love. Regardless of how she is, she is your wife and your responsibility. Appreciate her.

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