A Girl Thanks Her Father For Thoroughly Destroying Her Life.

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Dear beloved father,

There exists a ligature that binds all the aegis and credence that subsists only between a daughter and a father. The bond that never fades away, the bond of innocence, the bond that connects all the seas, the only bond that is indescribable and stronger than any other.

The bond we couldn’t develop. You have always been known as a dedicated rising officer, for your words and duty, for your success, for your strength to fight the hardest of battles but when was the last time you proudly stood as a father? exactly when was the last time you slept all satisfied knowing that you have played your role in making us feel loved or happy?


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Never have you been familiar with failure and delinquency but have you not miserably failed your marriage and your children? We’re often told that light is a symbol of hope that leads us through the hardest of thrones and the Mighty sends fathers as that light to guide and haul us through this afflictive journey we travel known as life.


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Little did they know that some are there to only form clots in our blood. It’s not like I’m ranting. I am thankful baba, I’m thankful for everything. For all the soul-sucking battles you’ve rattled towards us, for never ever standing up for us, for disrespecting mama, for making us a laughing stock in your family, for the endless affairs you keep with other women in the presence of your wife, for leaving clues for her as well, for choosing my killer over me, for greeting my killer with the same love and respect even after knowing everything, for never being there for us but acting as if you are, for all the damage; unrepairable that you’ve caused, for sweeping away my faith in love and justice, for proving that not every father’s wings are for protection, thank you for not protecting me when I got raped by my own cousin and uncle, for exposing the real skin of men.

Also for these castle-ly like walls we live in or the fancy cars we ride in, or the latest of technology you have provided us with.

I’m thankful and I’m sure you’ll always be there for us like you were for me when I was forcefully undressed. I love you baba for leaving us hollow. I do.

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