Tesla Introduces Optimus Gen 2: AI Humanoid Robot

Telsa Introduces Optimus Gen 2 AI Humanoid Robot

Elon Musk introduced the Optimus Generation 2 AI-powered humanoid robot in a broad meeting of Tesla Stakeholders. Optimus Gen 2 is a cost-effective humanoid, and Musk seeks to deploy it in his firm. Musk aims to reduce labor by 60%.

What is an Optimus Gen 2 Humanoid Robot?

Optimus Gen 2 is an AI-powered humanoid robot that creators believe to stand parallel to humans. The robot seeks to eradicate human labor from many traditional jobs by humans.

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Optimus Gen Z has Numerous Characteristics that Facilitate it to Work Efficiently:

It weighs less than its previous version: 10 kg less than Gen 1. The humanoid has a walking speed 20% faster than the previous one and has enhanced stability: allowing for squats.

It can move its hand for 11 degrees and has an intricate network of sensors on all fingers. Its sensors allow for the mobility of delicate objects. It has a Tesla designed for Actuators and Sensors allowing for better integration and control over mobility.

As a humanoid Optimus Gen 2 has an articulate foot design with precise toe sections with force sensors. Most important the humanoid robot is AI-trained and it is allowing its neural networks for autonomous task performance.

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AI robots have an articulate design. Their designs allow them to mimic human actions. Optimus Gen 2 uses its 22-degree mobility of hands to play piano like human beings. AI’s intricate design allows robots like Optimus Gen 2 to understand human needs. This understanding allows Optimus Gen 2 to change according to their environment.

Production, Cost, and Future

Tesla seeks to employ Mass-production techniques to reduce production costs. Customers may lease the robot with broad sales to go off by 2028-2030. Price of the robot varies from $10,000-$20,0000.

Musk seeks to deploy Optimus 2 in Tesla, aiming to reduce the workforce by 60% by 2030. The release of such kind AI robotics may completely change the work industry.

Tesla, however, faces a huge challenge, and that is the production process. Musk’s company does not have the required supply chain for the production. The development of such a supply chain of intricate design stands as a major challenge, to the timeline set.

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