Tesla’s Future is at Stake, With Questions on Musk’s $56 Billion Pay Package on the Fence

Tesla’s Future is at Stake, With Questions on Musk’s $56 Billion Pay Package on the Fence

Robyn Denholm, chairperson of the board of directors at Tesla, emphasized Elon’s presence- important for Tesla’s future.

Robyn Denholm will chair the stakeholders’ meeting on the 13th of June to decide the fate of Elon Msuk’s relationship with Tesla. Tesla will pay Musk- $56 billion in compensation- as part of an agreement. The deal is a continuation of a commitment from 2018.

Tesla stakeholders were to decide on the agreement earlier this year. The meeting was held off- because of a hold by a Delaware Jude. Delaware Jude held the approval process to be deeply void.

Robyn Denholm has emphasized, “This is not about the money”. Roblyn has constantly pointed out the importance of Elon’s presence. Considering Elon’s great triumph- with different projects like Neuralink, Boring Company, and X AI, he is a valuable asset.

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Roblyn believes that a great mind like Musk should receive a high paycheck. She further implies that Musk has fulfilled all his commitments to the company, and the company should return it equally.

If the shareholders are to meet Musk’s compensation demand, he will be the richest-compensated CEO. Elon Musk will re-instate as the chief shareholder of Tesla.

Elon previously lost the seat after selling his shares to acquire X (formally Twitter).

Musk still holds 13 % of Tesla’s share. He targets to gain 25%, focusing- on the development of self-driving AI cars.

Musk will take away his shares if his demands aren’t met: announcing it on X.

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