Terrorists Plan To Kill These 14 Pakistani Celebrities

They don’t just have to worry about their hair and makeup anymore, now they may have to start worrying for their lives and safety. Sindh police have recovered a list of actors, social workers and other famous personalities on some substantial terrorist organization’s hit list. The list was recovered from a terrorist under police custody…

1. Designers On The List

Khawar Riaz, Tariq Ameen, HSY, Navid Rashid and Ather Shahzad


2. Showbiz Personalities

Shammon Abbasi, Abdullah Ejaz, Ali Saleem and Huma Khwaja


3. Modeling Industry

Iraj, Emmad, Ahmed Butt and Babloo makeup Artist


4. Social Activist Jibran Nasir


5. Here Is A Copy Of The Letter By DIG Karachi Police South Zone Dr. Jamil Ahmed


 We sincerely wish hope and pray that they stay safe and police successfully arrests the conspiring group.


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