Young Tennis Star Zainab Ali Naqvi Passes Away at 17

Young Tennis Star Zainab Ali Naqvi Passes Away at 17

The tennis community mourns the untimely demise of 17-year-old tennis sensation Zainab Ali Naqvi. Zainab, a dedicated player since the age of nine, tragically passed away on Monday night after participating in the ITF Juniors event in Islamabad. Her sudden death has left a profound impact on the tennis fraternity, casting a shadow over the promising journey that many had been following closely in the world of sports.

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Initial reports hint at a possible connection between Zainab’s passing and her post-match routine, suggesting that showering and pouring water on her head immediately after playing may have played a role. Senator Salim Saifullah Khan and PTF President Aisam Ul Haq Qureshi, along with the entire tennis community, offer heartfelt condolences to Zainab’s grieving family. Her loss is deeply felt, marking the departure of young and budding talent, leaving a void that resonates throughout the tennis world.

Salim Saifullah Khan, Senator and former President of the Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF), offered his deepest sympathies: “The loss of such a young talent is truly heartbreaking. She was an inspiration to many aspiring tennis players in our country.”

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