Here Are 10 Best Teas You NEED To Try That Are Also Healthy For You

best healthy teas

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Your health is and should be the top priority for you. Every ailment such as muscle pain, skin problems, headache, and anxiety, etc have multiple treatments. Herbal teas are considered one of the healthiest drinks that contain one of the highest amounts of anti-oxidants as they are some of the less processed best healthy teas. Nonetheless, teas are one of the amazing ways to instantly refresh yourself and soothe your senses. Although there’s a huge variety of teas out there that could be tried, the best ones are these!

Green Tea

Source: Science of Skin

When talking about benefits green tea, there are many! This treats bloating, allergies and acne, it also promotes weight loss so if you want to get rid of that extra bit weight on your body, go for it daily! It is one of the best healthy teas.

Peppermint Tea

Source: Sepalika

The best remedy for bloating, nausea, bad breath, and PMS – oof!

Oolong Tea

Source: Teafloor

Perfect for promoting metabolism and weight loss!

Matcha Tea

Source: Healthline

An immunity booster and detoxifier that burns belly fat as well – could life get any better?

White Tea

white tea healthy

Source: Healthline

As weird as it sounds, this is a detoxifier and also beneficial for weight loss and stress which means you’re likely to have a relaxed mind and soul after sipping this!

Chamomile Tea

awesome teas

Source: Pinterest

Probably the best remedy for sleeplessness, agonizing headaches, bloating and anxiety-ughhh! Try this and you’ll feel regenerated!

Hibiscus Tea

hibiscus teas healthy

Source: My Pope

This tea helps cure respiratory diseases and high blood pressure!

Chai – Every Pakistani’s first love!

healthy teas

Source: Arfa’s Blogging Book

This, as we all know, fights cold and inflammation as well as enhances the immune system, hence you’ll end up with more strength to fight diseases – arey zara aik cup chai toh banana!

Source: Tumblr

Black Tea


Source: Serving Joy

Here’s your cure for headaches, weight loss and anxiety.

Ginger Tea

healthy teas

Source: Healthline

Got a sore throat or an upset stomach? Rest assured! This tea heals cold and reduces bloating. There are many benefits ginger tea. Surely, every one of us wants to have a lifestyle in which we are living our life happy and to the fullest. So, relax, sit back and enjoy!

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