Tell Your Friend She’s Dating A Jerk In 7 Steps

1. Do not judge him

To act completely neutral is the first step. Otherwise your bestie will think you hate him because of your own issues.


2. Make her notice that a lot of people dislike the relationship

She really needs to understand that people aren’t wearing the rosy glasses that she is wearing and so can better judge the relationship.


3. Be Straightforward

When she asks for your opinion tell her exactly what you think. But don’t be too overcritical.


4. Make her suspicious

Put little doubts in her head. Believe it or not she’s going to think about it. She’ll ponder on the fact if he’s really loyal or just playing with her feelings.


5. Let her know you’re worried

Tell her you are worried and are wondering if she is okay.


6. Do your homework

If you’re telling her he’s the bad guys you need proof for that. Check his social media, question mutual friends. Backup your argument.


7. Don’t EVER say I told you so

You knew all along that this was gonna happen. She has her heart broken and needs you now more than ever.




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