Zara Noor Abbas & Ahmed Akbar Show How #TelenorMoreSeZyada Is Making Lives ‘Tension Free’

telenor more se zyada

The thing about the internet is, when it finds out about something happening, people make sure that a particular thing goes viral. That’s what happened in the case of this ‘leaked video’.

The video, which was allegedly leaked by Shammal Qureshi, saw our favorites Zara Noor Abbas and Ahmed Ali Akbar showcase their dancing skills, literally like no one was watching.

The song which they were dancing to seemed to be an upbeat number, which would be perfect for the upcoming Mehendi functions in marriages.

As soon as the video clip was uploaded, it started getting traction and soon went viral on different social media forums including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This video had people talking under the hashtag #MoreSeZyadaDrama. Soon, it became the talk of the town and had everyone tweeting about it.

More videos soon started surfacing, and two more teasers were then released. One for Zara Noor Abbas, the other, for Ahmed Ali Akbar.

But everybody was confused, what the videos were about? Was it for a drama, a movie or a telefilm?

However, finally, the time came, when Pakistanis discovered that the whole thing was powered by Telenor. Telenor then went on to release their first four TVCs featuring both Zara and Ahmed.

#TelenorMoreSeZyada, features the cellular network’s vast coverage in Pakistan, uninterrupted calling experience, great voice connectivity and super amazing internet and data streaming.

Here are Telenor’s three TVCs featuring Zara and Ahmed, with #TelenorMoreSeZyada

Jab Telenor 4G per miley MORE Se Zyada talk time aur voice calls tou baatein khatam ho jaingi par balance nahi! ?Telenor 4G kay saath lagay raho bina tension #TelenorMORESeZyada

Gepostet von Telenor Pakistan am Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2020

Jab Telenor 4G per miley MORE Se Zyada coverage tou signals se bhaagna muskil he nahi, impossible hai! ?Lagay raho bina tension with Telenor4G! #TelenorMORESeZyada

Gepostet von Telenor Pakistan am Dienstag, 29. September 2020

Karo apni entertainment ki cravings ko satisfy 24/7 with MORE Se Zyada data on Telenor 4G ?Tou lagay raho bina tension! #TelenorMORESeZyada

Gepostet von Telenor Pakistan am Mittwoch, 30. September 2020

The three TVCs brought forth different themes, but one mission – which showcases how Telenor’s connectivity performs in different scenarios, and the clinical user experience customers enjoy.

With Telenor, customers get MORE SE ZYADA in terms of all the services they use, be it the internet or cellular facilities. Basically, using Telenor indeed makes the customers ‘tension free’, as the systematic use only increases without any hurdles.

#TelenorMoreSeZyada helps us stay connected with our friends, family and loved ones. With no hassle of us trying to reach them, or have our agendas on the internet fulfilled, Telenor’s great service has left everyone wanting MORE!

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