Pakistani Tekken Star Arslan Ash Won Fourth EVO Titles

Pakistani Tekken Star Arslan Ash, a man who’s almost impossible to stop, has once again proven his strength. He is the only player in the history of Tekken to do so, and he did so by winning the EVO Champion titles for a record-setting fourth time.

Arslan Ash Won Fourth Evo Titles

Pakistani Tekken Star Arslan Ash Won Fourth EVO Titles

This year’s Evolution Championship Series 2023 for Tekken 7 and all other fighting games ended yesterday in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America.

In the championship match, the 27-year-old Tekken hero from Pakistan competed against ‘AO’ from Japan. In the final round, each player’s Kunimitsu competed against the other to see who would take home the trophy. Arslan defeated AO with a perfect score of 3-0 and even had a significant advantage over the Japanese player going into the decisive round.

Take a look at the winning moment that occurred in the championship below.

Before that point, Arslan had already triumphed over some other extremely prominent players, such as ‘ULSAN,’ who played Bob, Feng, and Kazumi for the entirety of the tournament. After being defeated by ‘AO’ in the losers’ finals, ‘ULSAN’ was not allowed to compete in the grand finals and hence did not advance. After their loss to Arslan, AO was placed in the losers’ bracket of the tournament.

Unfortunately, a significant portion of Pakistan’s Tekken 7 talent was unable to compete in EVO due to visa concerns. Atif Butt, Heera Malik, Qasim Meer, Kashi Snake, and Dawood Sikandar were some of the names on this list of players.

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