Here's Why Teenagers Usually Hate Their Homes!

Here’s Why Teenagers Usually Hate Their Homes!

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This article was originally submitted by Syeda Noor Us Saher

There are a few things that everyone would undoubtedly agree on. Some of these may include the statement, “teenagers hate their homes” or the phrase, “teenagers are fed up of their homes.”

Unfortunately, it has become a bitter truth in our society that everyone, especially Asian parents, doesn’t pay attention to the mental health of their children.

As time passes, the ratio of depression and stress among teenagers increases day by day. Early adolescence is from 9-13 years of age while middle adolescence ranges from 13-15 years. However, rebellion seems to start in late adolescence i.e. among youngsters aged 15-18 years. Teenagers, in middle adolescence, start rebelling dramatically too, at last, liberate themselves from their dependency on parental approval.

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When children see their parents arguing, fighting and abusing each other at home, they become frightened and think about the quarrel the entire day. After being a parent, the same children tend to either repeat the same behaviour or change the entire environment of their home to oppose the environment they previously faced in their childhood.

In order to overcome this, communication with teenagers can be a lifesaver. Parents must pay attention to their children and focus not only on their academics but also on their mental health. Furthermore, they should spend an adequate amount of quality time with their children to ensure their well-being

The inability of a child to experience love at home makes them seek attention outside.

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They may then bend towards fake people in society who might pretend to be their closest friends. One more thing that we need to know is that teenagers are moody. Thus, parents must never do any comparisons, excessive criticizing, or public complaining inclusive of saying “when I was your age…”

This usually results in children becoming rebellious, starting to hate their homes and wanting to escape out of there.

So, if we wish to prevent that from happening, parents should start being friends with their children and be secret keepers. This way, their children are most likely to trust them and not hide anything from them.

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