Influential People In Punjab Brutally Beat Teenager For Allegedly Stealing Rs500

child abuse in pakistan

A teenager was tortured for several hours in the Multan area for stealing 500 rupees. The video of the brutal act has been going viral and people are bashing such disgusting action by the influential people.

Apparently, the influential people of the area were involved in the brutal act of violence. In reaction to the incident, social media came out seeking justice for him.

ظلم اور بربریت کی انتہا ہوگئی، صرف 500روپے چوری کے شبہ میں بااثر افراد آج 4 گھنٹے تک شاہ رکن عالم کے علاقہ میں اس معصوم بچے پربہیمانہ تشدد کرتے رہے،ملزمان آزاد ہیں۔انصاف دلوانے کا ایک ہی طریقہ ہے کہ اس ویڈیو کو شئیر کریں

Gepostet von Amir Dar am Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2020

Child abuse in Pakistan

Moreover, this is not the first time that such violence was witnessed in the country. There are several incidents in the recent past which show many such incidents.

In 2019, a 14-year-old teenage boy died after subjected to extremist and inhumane torture at the hands of citizens. It happened over an alleged robbery in Kokan housing society of Karachi.

Furthermore, in an another incident, a student of class 10 Hunain, was tortured to death by his teacher. Quoting the boy’s classmates, the police said that the teacher had allegedly done so because he had failed to memorise his lesson. #JusticeofHunain was one of the top trends during that time.

The scenario of Pakistan regarding child abuse is quite alarming. Child sexual abuse cases increased from 9 cases per day to 12 cases per day.

Children who are victims of this menace lead a difficult life as they have to deal with this trauma for the rest of their lives. Some are able to leave it behind and others cannot let it go which has a negative impact on their mental health affecting their way of life.


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