Technology Has The Answer To Everything.

This is a guest post submitted by Hareem Khawar. All views expressed in this article are of the contributor.

Technology There is no denying that every individual today is relying on the essence of technology and its many variations and advantages. While their operations with satellite technology or cloud computing might seem typical examples but these mechanisms have taken the accountability of carrying out our simplest tasks, most of which we do not even realize while practicing.

We all transitioned from fantasizing about buying Blackberry 9760 to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold, from Ford Mustang to Tesla.

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Which now offers auto-pilot mode, meaning the car will have the ability to self-drive while you can sit back and relax, perfect for long road trip. Such cars run order mainly on the variety of sensors which are situated on different parts of the car; other than that actuators, complex algorithms, machine learning systems and powerful processors play their role in the function of these cars. Another prestigious invention which caught the attention of most people was the first commercial robotic exoskeleton.

As the name suggests, it is a wearable electromechanical device structured as an exterior skeleton that supports a body to enhance strength and mobility. Precisely designed for the paralyzed or the ones with spinal cord injuries, this product was very well received by the public, the majority of which was the medical industry.

Similar to self-driving cars, these too work with sensors and actuators. On the whole, there are innumerable favors technology has given us to lead luxurious lifestyles.

People Have Started to Upload Videos on YouTube and Monetized them to Earn Money.

In the present day we find ourselves in a circumstance where we cannot distance ourselves from these gadgets, no matter how much we try.

It is the only way for those away from their loved ones to communicate with them, for students to keep up a correspondence with their education and employees to work from home. Our main source of entertainment these days include watching or gaming on television, listening to music on the stereo or using our smartphones for social media.

The demands for these gadgets have proliferated significantly, making a quick bug for their production companies. In fact, application software designers have also profited from this. Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are some well-known examples of these applications. Apart from these, Google Meeting and Zoom are the most used applications to hold online meetings or classes.

During these hard times, these applications have facilitated people by becoming a source of their income. A shedload of people have begun small businesses and sponsor them on their Instagram or Facebook pages. In addition to that, more people have started to upload videos on YouTube and monetized them to earn money.

Nonetheless, the debate on the merits and the drawbacks of today’s mechanization still remains in negotiable. Digital technology holds the responsibility of vast amount of data. This data could be personal details, bank account numbers etc. Despite the guarantees given, numerous times scandals of internet theft have been in the news.

Moreover, many people believe that our dependence on these appliances have made us rather sluggish. Youngsters tend to stay inside their house which is why most lack communication skills and lose the determination to study spending most of their time playing online video games. Similarly, adults are charmed through websites which advertise the desired products making the user waste their time and money on unnecessary equipment.

On the whole, technology has revolutionized almost every aspect of people’s lives in recent decades. It has increased the productivity of every industry. Technology when used the right way, has never failed us and still has the potential to grow. Who knows where it could stand 10 to 20 years from now?

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