These Are The 4 Epic LIVE Demo Fails Including Tesla’s Cybertruck!

Tesla's Cybertruck demo fail

The human creations much like its maker aren’t perfect. There hasn’t been any field the man has dominated without meeting their fair share of mistakes, mishaps, and failures. However, in a tech-hungry world, nothing is more embarrassing or tragic than a live demo fail. You wouldn’t want to be in that position.

Imagine enticing people with a new revolutionary feature or product that you will be bringing into the market, only to have it fail to cooperate on the day of its demonstration in front of thousands of people that are tuned in for the show. It’s like school presentations all over again, but bigger and more devastating. What’s worse is you don’t even have any friends on the front row to hype you up. The embarrassment is only yours to bear!

Live Demo Fails

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Some of the tech giants have become the benchmarks or front runners with billions of yearly revenue. However, even they have suffered at the hands of their own technology. We are talking about the cool-guy Elon Musk, the late Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Let’s have a re-run of the intensifying live demo failures.

The invincible Cybertruck takes a hard hit.

Elon Musk after his Tesla electric cars decided to take things up a notch by making fantasy into a reality; Tesla Cybertruck. This ridiculously edgy completely decked out in 9mm bulletproof steel exoskeleton blew everyone away. However, when this bad boy finally was put up for a live demo, the ‘bulletproof’ claim came crashing down. Almost like an EDM set, the climax builds up until the beats drop, only in this demo, there wasn’t any cheer when the glass almost shattered.

See for yourself:

“It didn’t go through” at least is how he tried to cover up. Yup, that’s a great selling point. A near death-experience won’t harm anyone, now can it?

When embarrassment befalls you, simply hide; this was the theory of robot Asimo.

Honda creates a humanoid robot Asimo in 2000; one of its kind. The pride and joy of the company that came tumbling down the stairs. What’s hilarious is the panic that ensued after Asimo hit the floors; dropping like its hot. The embarrassment robot suffered was too big that the company instantly hides him by placing a screen in front of it.

It’s the WiFi, not iPhone 4.

Steve Job had the ‘awkward moment’ in front of millions of people as because of the WiFi connectivity issue his demo of iPhone 4 features came to a standstill. What follows next is the blame-game and repeatedly asking everyone to disconnect. Hilarious!

Finding humor in misery? Bill Gates laughs it off when the infamous ‘Blue Screen of Death’ appears.

‘Woah!’ is exactly what you say when you are unveiling Windows 98 making history and BSoD visits you, announced. This live demo fail is considered to be one of the most famous ones to date. However, kudos to Bill to laugh it off by saying, “this must be why Windows ’98 isn’t shipping yet”!

But the tension and embarrassment on his face are hard to miss; not to mention the presenter who clearly saw his imminent death flash before his eyes after this. However, legend says that he still works at the company.

These epic fails are a reminder of the fact that these bigshots failed too and in front of millions, but they persevered and look at them now. Where there are innovation and hard-work, criticism follows. Take iPhone 11 Pro for an example, its camera placement made it a laughing stock, but most ordered stock, as well. Bottom line? Don’t give up.

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