Teacher Beat A Cameraman For Trying To Film The Cheating on Exams!

One Pakistani Teacher Beat A Cameraman For Trying To Film The Cheating Going On During Exams!

When you think of the biggest issues in Pakistan, education is the first word that comes to your mind. The lack of knowledge, base, and intelligence is due to the lack of education. In Pakistan, there are thousands of schools, but not all offer quality education. Even if the standard of education is not fine, there is always room for cheating during exams.

A recent news that shocked everyone, saw a qualified government teacher thrashing a news cameraman during a visit to one of the centres in Kashmore, Sindh. The reason for beating the cameraman up? He caught students cheatings in the presence of invigilators and external examiners.

According to ARY News’ report, the headmaster and external of the school in Kashmore beat up the cameraman after he entered the examination hall where students were seen cheating openly. The ‘teachers’ then advanced, beat up the journalist and broke his camera. The footage caught clearly shows how the cameraman is being forced to turn off the recording.

Source: dunyanews.tv

Cheating during exams is a huge issue that has plagued the educational departments of Pakistan for decades. In our country, it is easier to get a bachelor’s degree than a reservation at your favorite restaurant. Since childhood, young students see their elders pass their exams with a bunch of shenanigans here and there. From classwork to tests, cheating is present everywhere.

Especially in Sindh and Balochistan, where the literacy rate is lowest, the majority of students cannot pass the exams without cheating. These students, as soon as they give their matric examinations, start cheating and plan on doing so till their Master’s. They are so used to not preparing for exams that when they are without any outside help in the centre, they freak out.

Source: youtube.com

Teachers in interior Sindh and Balochistan also consider annual examinations as an opportunity to set up their shop. They earn through different mediums and methods of making students cheat. From the waterboy bringing in answers torn off from guides to the special catering in air-conditioned rooms where students give their exams in peace. Everything has a different rate.

This teacher probably freaked out when he saw the cameraman and understood he was in trouble for destroying so many futures, by letting these students cheat on their exams. However, as they say, anything and everything is possible n Pakistan.

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