Mooch Nahi Tou Kuch Nahi! An Islamabadi Teacher Writes Angrily after His Moustache Got Him Fired

Mooch Nahi Tou Kuch Nahi! An Islamabadi Teacher Writes Angrily after His Moustache Got Him Fired

Another day brings another mind-boggling story. Have you ever come across a teacher who got fired from their jobs just because he/she was too pretty?

Well, back in the day, we heard about a Saudi national who got deported because he was enticingly good looking. That’s understandable from a conservative nation as Saudi Arabia. But what about Pakistan? Would any Pakistani man get fired from his job for being too pretty?

Meet Haseeb Ali Chishti, a teacher in Islamabad who just has the perfect moustache…

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Moustache goals right there!

But his too perfect moustache actually got him fired!

This is what he wrote on Facebook:

Being told ‘your moustache gives liberal ideas to students’ and ‘you’re a young, handsome man… it will distract our girls and faculty’ is probably the funniest reason for being let go from a job but it is also a damning indictment of the mindset prevalent in the education sector in Pakistan.
Increasingly I see schools imposing penalties against students for interacting with the opposite sex, I see school owners taking pride in their “conservative outlook” and shunning programs such as drama and dance for being “vulgar”.

The only thing wrong with a girl talking to a boy in school is the MINDSET that assumes this exchange must be immoral. I long for the day when we won’t have teachers and schools that think like Mohnish Behl back in the 90’s when he says ‘aik larka larki kabhi dost nahi hosaktay ‘ (a platonic friendship can’t exist between the opposite sex).

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Mooch Nahi Tou Kuch Nahi!

Source: Storypick

What we have here is a new form of extremism. How can they even associate such a ridiculous reason for firing him? This school just went to a new low and it’s appalling indeed how they have chosen to come to such an action. The teacher is absolutely right about the “immoral” exchange of opposite sex. Such a mindset conspires to the backwardness of this nation.

But I am glad he did not resort to changing his style. A person should have the freedom of their appearance and styling up and why should it be a problem when you’re a grown up?

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