A Teacher in Lahore’s Most Prestigious School Had a Miscarriage and Holds the Principal Responsible

Our teachers have a monumental role in our society that can never be replaced. The building blocks of a child’s nourishment are laid by a teacher. It’s a major responsibility and we have seen some of the best people serving in the education sector.

Safe to mention, we owe a lot to our teachers who taught us immensely. Their patience and dedication need a mention. On top of all, teaching itself remains a noble profession that needs to be prioritized and facilitated in all ways. Meanwhile, in Lahore, a former school teacher shared a horrifying experience at one of the most prestigious schools.

Source: meraforum.com

She narrated the entire story of how it happened. She accuses the principal of refusing to grant her one day leave while she was pregnant and not in stable condition. Refusing to grant her request, it cost her her child as well as her marriage.

Moreover, her husband put the blame on her for failure to take precautionary measures. But the horror didn’t stop there; the school principal further played a blow against her with character assassination, according to her.

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Hear the teacher’s story as she levels serious allegations against the school principal

We are not sure how much truth this particular story holds. However, in a general perspective, many schools in Pakistan – even the prestigious ones – do not fairly treat their faculty. Some are burdened with unrelenting stress and amount of work while others are underpaid. It calls for our attention and what Alishba has come to confessed shall raise many eyebrows.

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