Meet Tayeba Seher, The Lady Behind The Coronavirus ‘Awareness’ Caller Tune

Coronavirus Caller Tune

With the coronavirus pandemic taking over, the world has lost its peace and the chaos is increasing with each passing day. Analyzing the grave situation, the countries began creating strategies to prevent the virus from spreading further.

Similar was the case with Pakistan as the government initiated its awareness plan to make people adhere to the precautionary measures. As of now, the coronavirus tally in Pakistan is drastically increasing as the authorities have put lockdown at ease. Apart from that, these days, whenever we call someone, a coronavirus awareness caller tune rings, do you know who that is?

The girl behind the coronavirus ‘awareness’ caller tune

A banker by profession and a part-time voice-over artist, Syeda Tayeba Seher is the lady behind the coronavirus caller tune. Apparently, its always easy to aware people through social media but what about those who don’t have access to the internet? Well, to keep them in the loop, the idea of others through call was generated.

EXCLUSIVE: Complete interview of a girl behind Coronavirus awareness caller tune.

Gepostet von The Times of Karachi am Samstag, 16. Mai 2020

Sharing her experience, Tayeba Seher stated, ”When I agreed to do this campaign, I had no idea that it will go on for this long. After I did it, people who knew me would call and aks if that voice is mine. But still many don’t know it. I felt good that people are interested in knowing who is behind the voice.”

Social media giving different nicknames

Going viral on social media, Tayeba revealed how people have given her nicknames since they don’t know her. ”Many are calling me ‘coronavirus baji’, some are calling me ‘coronavirus wali aunty’ and more. There are also memes and parodies made on my voice circulating on the internet. Well, many are even abusing me literally.”

Coronavirus Caller Tune

Source: CPO Magazine

”If you’re being told something over and over again, maybe not everyone but a few will agree to it”, she added. Well, it was indeed an exceptional strategy to spread the important message all across Pakistan and stay safe. Speaking of the strategies, Pakistan has been making efforts since the start to curb the situation as soon as possible.

Among other developing countries of the world, Pakistan is being recognized as the frontline fighter against coronavirus. Praising the efforts, recently, YouTube’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Susan Wojcicki gave $5 million aid to Pakistan. Hopefully, the aid will be spent on combating coronavirus and helping the suffering underprivileged community.

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