Know Who You Hire! Secure Yourself & Use Tasdeeq App To Register Your Domestic Workers


Tasdeeq Pakistan, an initiative by Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC), police, and Safe Pakistan Welfare Trust (SPWT), is all set to help secure our households and communities. Moreover, they have also launched an application. The Tasdeeq Pakistan App is a technology that would provide help in identifying and registering domestic workers and blue-collar labor. The main purpose is to break the vicious cycle of poverty in our country by changing the way they are hired.

All three collaborated to form an app that aims to bring law enforcement agencies, employers, workers, financial institutions, educational institutions, multilateral agencies, NGOs, and social enterprises on one platform to help create a winning environment for the society.

This App- Tasdeeq Helps You Do A Background Check On Domestic Workers

Source: Tasdeeq

The inspiration behind it is the deteriorating security situation, the failure of our society, the alarming and growing economic disparity between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. As we all know, average workers are constantly driven below the line, leading to further criminal activities in society.

Role of poverty in crime rates

Unemployment and poverty are the prime factors that instigate a person to commit a crime. Needless to say, the crime rate has been alarmingly increasing in Pakistan. If anything, poverty breeds crimes.

This App- Tasdeeq Helps You Do A Background Check On Domestic Workers

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Tasqeed app in Pakistan came about after analyzing the increasing incidence of crimes involving domestic workers and blue-collar labor. Additionally, the vicious cycle of poverty which these workers and their families live in. Also, the increasing economic disparity which is forcing masses towards criminal activities.

Being a poor and underdeveloped country, the majority of Pakistan’s population lives in entirely adverse circumstances. If one were to add the growing incidence of unemployment caused by inflationary pressures, the picture would become starker.

The emergence of Tasdeeq

Raising awareness towards the above realities and failures of our societal fabric is why Tasdeeq emerged in the first place. It not only secures our family and households, but also encourages the middle, and upper-middle-class to come out of their ‘island mentality’.

Moreover, it encourages us to strive to shoulder the additional responsibility to bring an end to the economic exploitation of this class of workers. Before hiring any domestic workers or blue-collar labor, the app carries out their background check. It also allows you to see their verifiable work history and feedback from previous employers. The Tasdeeq Pakistan app also uses NADRA issued CNIC to share domestic workers details with the police and CPLC (law enforcement agencies).

This App- Tasdeeq Helps You Do A Background Check On Domestic Workers

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Once hired, it gets them hospital insurance, contribute towards their children’s education fund as well as help them to get emergency loans from financial institutions. In addition to this, it helps both the employer and the employee. The idea is to know who you hire and to secure them and yourself. Brilliant, isn’t it?

Well, looks like we are finally on the road to improvement in our society. A secure household and a secure community are all one can ask for. Kudos to its founders including Asfandyar Janjua and many others for making the job easier for us!


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