Pakistani Women Selling ‘Tasers & Pepper Sprays’ For Self Defense After Motorway Rape

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The security situation in the country has spiraled out of control of the police, Rangers, and the government. Sexual crime is at its peak and the harassers and rapists now rule the roost. After the Lahore motorway incident, its becoming need of the time that we carry tasers and pepper sprays with us for our safety.

A raft of new laws to protect the women of Pakistan seems to have done little to nothing. Despite the existence of a raft of strong legislation focused on women’s rights, the depressing figures of sexual crime rate keeps exacerbating.

Pakistan is a patriarchal society. It has internalized misogyny to such an extent that incidents of brutal sexual assaults often lead to blaming the victim rather than ripping apart the culprit.

Sargodha Rape
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Needless to say, self-defense is a foremost urgency in this rape epidemic. Forced sexual assaults continue to rise at an alarming rate in Pakistan. We have had enough of this. After the motorway incident, and the shameless victim-blaming by the Lahore CCPO, we will no longer zip our lips. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

If the system cannot do its job, it is high time we take the matter in our hands and look after ourselves. Truth be told, we have fooled ourselves enough by relying on the government. Have we not given enough chances? Yet, we see no change. Instead, the situation only keeps aggravating.

Women In Pakistan Take Initiative To Sell Taser & Pepper Sprays To Protect Themselves
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Just imagine, if a senior police official, responsible for the protection of citizens (which include women), thinks like this, then who can women turn to? NO ONE. Hence, it is high time we take the initiative to find ways to defend ourselves. 

Tasers, pepper spray, stun guns? Whatever it takes, tear the monster down!

Subsequent to the Lahore motorway incident, women in Pakistan have begun taking an initiative to help each other. It is high time we take the defense in our hands since those who should, apparently have bigger fishes to fry.

In order to avoid the same fate as the motorway victim and many others, women have started producing pepper sprays. Not only are they helping each other buy pepper sprays but also tasers to protect themselves.

A Facebook page ‘Stand Up Pakistan – #KhamoshiAbNahi’ has already taken the bold step.

Many are working on mass-producing pepper sprays, and are selling it at reasonable prices. In fact, some are selling these to underprivileged women at extremely low prices. In addition to this, considering the condition of our country, some women have also stocked tasers with them. Even if someone is not able to afford one, they are ready to give them for free as well!

If we think about it, it is mostly about power. If women begin to exert power in the way that they can, then we might see a push back in terms of the incidences. Heck, in a country like ours, it should be legal for women to carry guns with them.

Women In Pakistan Take Initiative To Sell Taser & Pepper Sprays To Protect Themselves
Source: Twitter

Not everyone knows how to do martial arts for self-defense and this makes it even harder to survive. The least we could do is carry a taser or a pepper spray at ALL TIMES. Burn those monsters’ eyes if required!

However, bear in mind, the use of the spray should be followed up with a plan to escape from the situation or further disable the attacker. Hold them down, tie them, barricade them, etc. Whereas with the taser, disable the target immediately and escape!

After the Lahore motorway incident please make sure you carry tasers and pepper sprays no matter where you go. In times when even the safest places are no longer safe, these are the utmost essentials. STAY SAFE!

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