Maulana Tariq Jameel Gets Called Out For Attending Recent Lavish Pakistani Wedding

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Master Tiles owner’s daughter and Jalal & Sons’ son tied the knot last week and the elite Pakistani family wedding became the talk of the town. The wedding was attended by many famous personalities including the well-known cleric and public speaker Maulana Tariq Jameel. However, netizens now seem to be criticizing the cleric for his utter hypocrisy.

Earlier, in his speech in the telethon, Maulana advised people to abstain from vices like indecency, lie, fraud, and illegal means of earning a livelihood. He added that pre-Islamic nations were utterly destroyed because they transgressed the limits set by God.

This year, the renowned Islamic preacher has faced a lot of backlash for multiple reasons. First, for blaming the ‘immodest’ women for the spread of deadly coronavirus in Pakistan during the live telethon. He was called out for his misogynistic remarks.

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Later, he issued an apology to the media and claimed that TV channels were only telling lies. Right after that, an old video of him emerged on social media. He could be seen giving racist remarks against the African people.

But now, the criticism is for all the new reasons. Last week, we spotted Maulana at Pakistan’s most lavish, big fat wedding. It is to be noted that around 200 crores were spent on that wedding, and later even the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) asked Master Tiles to explain expenditures incurred at the wedding.

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As pictures and videos emerged on social media, netizens began talking about how the cleric allegedly received a million rupees for making special dua to bless the couple.

Netizens call out Maulana Tariq Jameel for attending the wedding

We often see the cleric preaching modesty and humbleness. Whereas, he himself attended the lavish wedding. The wedding did not only reflect extravagant expenditure but also showed participation of dancers and singers.

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What happened to him linking ‘women’s immodesty’ to the spread of coronavirus? What about the immodesty that was going on at the wedding? Maulana was present there to conduct the nikkah ceremony.

The wedding was nothing but a sheer extravagance. Not to forget the sweets that they wrapped in 24 Karat Gold Leaf! Apart from this, their one of a kind valima also featured performances by foreign gymnasts. They had flown all over from Turkey for their valima event.

Here’s what netizens have to say

Nonetheless, besides him, many other public figures also attended the four-day festivities. Singers including Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Atif Aslam, and Abrar-ul-Haq were also present at the event. The Special Assistant to Chief Minister Punjab on Information, Dr. Firdous Aashiq Awan, was also spotted at the events.

Earlier, seeing the lavish, over-the-top wedding event, many were quite furious over the unnecessary expenditure. Both sides threw massive and grand functions in times people are having trouble meeting their basic needs. People were quick to call them out for showing off their wealth.

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