No, Maulana Tariq Jameel Should Not Apologize To Anyone

Tariq Jameel apology

The recent point of debate on social media has been Maulana Tariq Jameel’s remarks on different issues in the Ehsaas Relief telethon. Prime Minister Imran Khan hosted Maulana Tariq for the fundraiser against coronavirus.

While presenting his speech, Maulana Tariq made a couple of remarks as per his opinion, which related to Pakistani media and women. He had stated that the Pakistani media was full of liars and were constantly mispresenting news.

To this, I say, where was he wrong? Are journalists in Pakistan not crooked opportunists when it comes to them? Do they not take favors and money from influential people and remain silent when it matters? Do they not own planes and lavish houses which have been funded by tycoons for hiding their truth or speaking in their favor?

The second startling remark Maulana Tariq made was against the alleged ‘behaya women’ in Pakistan. He said: “Who has torn honor to pieces in my country? Who makes my country’s daughters dance? Who is asking them to wear skimpier clothes? Whom should I hold accountable for this sin?”

As a religious cleric, how is Maulana Tariq Jameel wrong with his statement? Does Islam promote behayai? Does it promote dancing, wearing skimpy clothes? So when the Maulana questions this bitter reality, why is he wrong? Why should he apologize for stating the truth in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

The leftist liberals have gone berzerk ever since they heard Maulana Tariq’s speech. They have been ranting, abusing, and targeting him on a personal level. The Maulana was crying when he was praying to God to bring ease to Pakistanis.

Was he doing it only for himself? Were his prayers not for all and sundry? So yes, Maulana Tariq Jameel does not owe an apology to anyone in the country. Not the journalists, not the women and neither his critics.

Maulana Tariq is one of the most celebrated religious clerics in Pakistan who is known for talking sense. In today’s day and age, when a person like Tariq Jameel prays for the collective good of Pakistan, there is a reason behind it. These tough times demand unity among us, not setting fire to our personal agendas.

As for his critics, they must realize, that Maulana Tariq Jameel was presenting his views and opinions. When you talk about freedom of speech, why can’t you lend the same courtesy to him? Does he not have an opinion, an observation of his own?

All in all, it is time we realize that there is more than targeting religious personalities in Pakistan and for once, act collectively as a nation.

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